Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here’s Why!

Sweating Through Your Undershirt Too? Here’s Why!

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down and getting rid of toxins. Sweating at places like the gym or a sauna is good. However, if you are sweating on a date or at a workplace, you might want to look into it. Our daily life routines are full of adrenaline rushes, deadlines, crampy public transports, and stressful environments. Sweating under such circumstances is entirely natural. However, there are a few efficient ways for you to stay cool and sweat free no matter what you are going through. One such efficient method is to wear an undershirt. Behind every fine looking shirt, there is an undershirt. But some folks happen to sweat through their undershirts too! If you are facing such an issue, you are in the right place. Here are some reasons why you are sweating through your undershirt and how to avoid them.


1. Wearing the wrong size

You are probably wearing an undershirt which is either too loose or too tight for you. Wearing a very tight undershirt makes it easier for the sweat to seep through and get to your shirt easily. A loose one is barely effective because it is of no help. Try to purchase undershirts which fit you right.


2. Improper handling of the undershirt

Undershirts need to be taken care of properly. They just can’t be tossed into the washing machine and back on like casual T-shirts. Improper handling may prevent your undershirt from keeping you sweat free. When wearing your undershirt before it is completely dry after washing, it will not hold much sweat. Similarly, dry cleaning and ironing your undershirts will also cause harm. Direct contact with chemicals and heat which are intense can damage the sweat proof mechanism. You should handle your undershirt properly for effective performance. Here are some simple steps to take better care of your undershirt, – Always machine-wash your undershirt in cold or warm water. – Do not dry clean your undershirts – Avoid ironing your undershirts – Do not use bleach on your undershirts.


 3. Scrutinize your diet

A lot of physical problems can be fixed easily by monitoring what you eat. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” closely watch what type of food you are eating. A lot of foods which you consume daily might have sweat triggers which will make you look like a walking puddle. Binging on things like alcohol, spicy food, coffee, and other warming foods can raise your body temperature. Hence, it will make you sweat in excess. If you can’t cut down on your diet too much, make sure you cool your body by taking adequate measures. Drink plenty of water and consume foods which keep your body fresh. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool. Try not to aggravate your body’s temperature by consuming foods which warm you up too much.


4. Seek for medical aid

If you are sweating too much, it could be a sign of diaphoresis and hyperhidrosis. If you are unaware of these two conditions, read on to know more.

  • Diaphoresis

It is the term used to describe an abnormal and excessive amount of sweat produced concerning your environment and day to day activities. It is usually a symptom for some underlying health condition. Diaphoresis can be caused by the intake of certain medication as well. There are many conditions as to why it is caused. You should consult a doctor to check what might be your causative agent.

  • Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is also related to excessive sweating, but it’s listed as a nervous system disorder. In this, sweating is generally limited just to the hands or feet. This condition arises when the thyroid gland is overactive and produces thyroxine in excess. You may also experience – trembling hands, sleeping difficulties, loss of weight, anxiety, and nervousness. Though it is not a medical emergency, it is better you consult a doctor and get necessary aid to keep the situation under control.


5. Use antiperspirants instead of deodorants

Deodorants do not prevent sweat. This is a widespread misconception. Deodorants are only aimed at masking the foul smell caused by sweat. However, antiperspirants work by blocking the ducts which secrete sweat. The sweat is still produced by the glands, but they are barred from reaching the surface by the Antiperspirants. Certain antiperspirants contain deodorants too. In that case, you can block sweat and smell nice. To get the best results, apply antiperspirants on clean and dry underarms.


  6. Purchase effective undershirts.

There is a good chance that the undershirt you are sporting is defective. Many brands claim to keep you sweat free and fresh looking always. But they are not as effective as they claim to be. Try using NG wear. It is India’s first sweat proof undershirt. The undershirts have four layers which deliver the best amount of comfort and dryness. The undershirts combined with spandex give a good fit and also come with antiperspirants. Following the above listed will surely help you be sweat stain free. Stay fresh!



Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here’s Your Guide to Handling It!

Teen Sweating an Issue For You Too? Here’s Your Guide to Handling It!

Teenagers deal with various social situations where they have to stay fresh and energetic. The expectations of these scenarios can make you feel nervous which may make you sweat more than usual. Lots of teenagers have issues with sweating either due to puberty or other reasons. You don’t want these reasons to make you feel insecure about your look or make you feel irritated throughout your day. 

NGwear encourages fashion that doesn’t make you worry about unnecessary sweat. Our sweat-proof inner shirts are the best addition to deal with over sweating. To help you deal with unnecessary sweat, we are here to guide you with various suggestions: 

1. The Benefits of Antiperspirants to Reduce Your Sweating.

Most of us use deodorants to feel refreshed and smell good. The ingredients of such products are combined to make us feel so. Shifting to using antiperspirants is more beneficial as it has components to minimize sweating. They work in a manner that clogs your sweat glands thus reducing your sweat.

They have aluminum salts that alter the flow of sweat to the skin surface. Deodorants help in making you smell good. However, antiperspirants provide a solution for over sweating issues for teenagers or any other age group.

2. Using a Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant 

“Prescription antiperspirant” is the word that is used for antiperspirants that are only available through doctor authorization and over-the-counter products. Over sweating may force you into situations where you might have to change your clothing every few hours. You might also have to take several showers to avoid sweat pits. Prescription antiperspirants have a higher percentage of a composition known as aluminum chloride. It is one of the main elements of antiperspirants to reduce sweating. They can also facilitate aluminum chloride hexahydrate in their composition which is stronger and different from over-the-counter products. 

As everyone has different issues and needs concerning sweating, this choice gives you quick solutions. You can go to a doctor if the problem of over sweating is troubling you during your everyday tasks. The type of sweating or hyperhidrosis is essential to be diagnosed before you decide the medication you require. These products have strong components which can cause other skin related issues if not used properly. Therefore it is always recommended to go to a doctor and get it checked.

3. Home Remedies to Control Over Sweating

Home feels like a place that cures all of our problems for most of us. Growing up in a culture where home remedies have been adopted for every problem, NGwear supports our roots. There are various things you can do or create at home to decrease yours over sweating issues.

Examples of products that make up the perfect home remedies for controlling sweat are: 

  • Wheatgrass juice: Wheatgrass juice is a popular choice of the detox community. Drinking just a teaspoon of it can help you with the odor from constant sweating.
  • Tomato Juice: Adding tomatoes to your diet can shrink your pores and reduce chronic sweat conditions you might be having.
  • Hot beverages: Hot beverages like green tea have magnesium and Vitamin B which compress your sweat glands. Black tea is also a healthy choice as it has strong astringent properties.

The beauty gurus often talk about the benefits of cornstarch, potatoes, lemons, etc. while opting for homemade remedies for improving your health and looks. There are a lot of natural products that can counteract issues that cause over sweating.

4. Wear a Sweat Proof Inner Shirt

NGwear provides you with the knowledge of various options to improve how you feel. It is the most convenient choice to suit the needs today. NGwear provides you with sleek and stylish sweat proof inner shirts that go along for any occasion. This helps you avoid sweat stains from over sweating and keeps you confident for any activity throughout your day. The material of the inner shirt you choose is vital as the end purpose of it is your comfort. Choose the model that suits your preferences and enjoy a sweat-free look.

Stay refreshed with our wide range of sweat-proof inner shirts of NGwear. Enrich the experience you want from every day by taking the help of our free guide. Now is the time to make memories that don’t have sweat stains or irritating over-sweating issues.

Why Does Stress Sweat Smell More Than Normal Sweat?

Why Does Stress Sweat Smell More Than Normal Sweat?

You may walk home from the gym after performing heavy lifting and exercises. Even when you are all soaked with sweat, you may smell absolutely fine. You will not notice any weird smell from your body.

However, if you are having an important presentation or job interview, the chances are that you might sweat more than usual. Also, your sweat is likely to smell worse than usual.

It is indeed a confusing situation to understand. Your sweat smells different in every condition, and it is worse when you are stressed.

How is Stress Sweat Different from Normal Sweat?

Stress sweating and normal sweating is slightly different from each other. They are released by different glands and also have a very distinct smell.

There are a majorly two sweat glands present in the body – Eccrine glands and Apocrine glands. These two glands are responsible for releasing sweat and maintaining the normal body temperature.

The eccrine gland produces sweat during normal conditions like when you are exercising or exposed to heat. It helps to keep the body at the normal temperature. Also, when sweat evaporates from the body, it gives a feeling of coolness over different areas. Eccrine glands exist all over your body. They generally get active when you are exercising or facing extreme heat.

Apocrine Glands are generally found in your armpits, and they get active when you are nervous or stressed. Apart from that, the sweat produced by these glands has a powerful smell. As a result; you end up having an awful body odor.

Sweat produced because of nervousness and stress smells so bad for a variety of reasons. A significant portion of that sweat consists of chemicals like lipid, fats, and proteins. The concentration of these elements is so high that they end up letting out a powerful smell. Also, there might not be a lot of water released by the gland when you are sweating. Your focus shifts to it because of the strong smell it has.

However, people have different theories for every problem. Some have even come up with a historical background. They say that our ancestors might’ve developed this strange stress sweat smell to avert predators. We don’t know how accurate it is, but it just a matter of belief.

How to Treat Stress Sweat?

Treating stress sweat is not really tough. You can take the help of a doctor and take up medications for the same. Here are some of the ways of treating your stress sweating problem:


The best way to stop stress sweating is to stop stressing. If you have a habit of over stressing about one and everything. Then you must first have a little control over that. This will reduce your problem to a greater extent.


When you can’t stop stressing, stop the sweat. Using a sweat repellent on important days can help you deal with sweat effectively. You can perform well without worrying about your sweat. You may even use deodorants to wave off the nasty smell of your sweat.


If you cannot find a solution to your problem, heading to the doctor is the best thing to do. He may even analyze if you have hyperhidrosis or not. So, when you are tired of using everything, a doctor will have all the solution you want.

Reason for Your Smelly Sweat and Ways to Fix It

Reason for Your Smelly Sweat and Ways to Fix It

Having an awful body odor is the worst nightmare for almost each one of us. People find it confusing to deal with such problems. However, body odor can be treated with absolute ease. You just need to look for the possible cause and treatment. Also, having bad body odor is indeed not normal, but it is nothing like a life-threatening condition. There are several causes of smelly sweat; you will get to know about it as you go through the article.



An unpleasant smell that comes off your body is known as body odor or smelly sweat. It happens because of protein breakdown by the bacteria present in your body. However, there are plenty of other factors that affect the smell of your sweat. Some sorts of smell from your sweat are perfectly normal while others could be an indication of an infection. So, if you have a really odd body odor, make sure you head to a doctor without any delay.



There are various causes of a smelly sweat. But, every person reacts differently, and causes of odor vary from person to person. Here is a list of reasons that may cause smelly sweat in your body:  



  • The Material of your Cloth

Most of us do not pay much attention to this factor. But, your cloth material also affects the odor of your sweat. You must avoid wearing clothes that absorb the sweat from your body. This will increase bacteria around the sweaty area, as a result of which your sweat will smell horrible. To prevent all this, avoid wearing synthetic clothes during summer or while working out.

  • Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene has a lot to do with the smell of your sweat. If you are someone who has poor personal hygiene, the problem of body odor will arrive at some stage. Poor personal hygiene is a result of the habit of skipping showers for days or eating without brushing. So, you must use constraint from practicing such habits.

  • Medicines

If you are taking certain medicines for quite a long time, smelly sweat is a condition you may come across. You might be having bad body odor because of the side effect of a particular medicine that you are consuming. Medications like birth control pills and various allergy tablets have this side effect. So, before consuming any medicine make sure that you read everything about it thoroughly.



The condition of having a bad body odor or smelly sweat is known as Bromhidrosis. This can certainly make people self-conscious and under confident at crucial times. Smelly sweat is indeed very embarrassing, but one can fix it by undergoing simple changes. Here are some of the ways by which you can correct your bad body odor:



  • Maintain Personal Hygiene

This is one of the most significant changes you need to make. Living a hygienic life is the basic requirement of life. You must shower daily. Apart from that, wearing clean clothes should be on the priority list too. This will solve your problem to a great extent.

  • Sweat Repellent and Deodorants

The less you sweat, the lesser you smell. Sweat repellents work great in such conditions.  If you have a significant event or meeting to attend, you must consider using sweat repellents in such situations. Using deodorant can also help you in waving off the smell.  

  • Sweat Proof Undershirts

These are one of the best ways of dealing with smelly sweat. Wearing a sweat proof undershirt will not just help in dealing with sweat but also make you look presentable. It will assist in keeping your armpits dry. Hence, harmful, odor creating bacteria will no longer be able to accumulate.

How to wear an NGwear’s tee: 11 ways to rock our sweat undershirts

How to wear an NGwear’s tee: 11 ways to rock our sweat undershirts

The climate in India is really diverse and intense. Around summer, it gets very troublesome in certain areas. It starts getting sweaty and annoying even if you are doing simple everyday tasks. You might begin to feel suffocated if you don’t wear light clothes. Your clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for you go about your day with ease. NGwear is India’s first sweat proof propagator for men’s sweat proof undershirts.

Our look and our clothing depend on each other for setting up our mood. The more confident you feel about your look, the more confident you will be. Enhance your look by adding a few stylish suggestions:


1.Under a shirt

Use this perfect fabric as the choice for your inner shirt. Everyday work situations and running around may require you do appear before others. It is more appealing if you don’t have to deal with pit stains

2. Under a sweater

These are the garments you should use while putting on sweaters or thick shirts. It is sweat-strain prone and breathable.

3. With a blazer

You can protect your blazer from pit stains. You can wear an NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt with your blazer. This completes a comfortable and professional look.

4. With a suit

There might be situations that demand you to be in a suit. This may force you into situations of excessive sweating. It can be nerve-wracking and a hindrance in everyday life. Using this inner shirt keeps you dry and pushes you to concentrate on your business.

5. Under a flannel or button down

This accounts for a cool inner shirt that can be shown off in style. This look keeps you stylish and in a pleasant mood. You can complete this look with a beanie, sneakers, boots, etc. to feel warm and chic.

6. With Jeans and a light jacket or sweater

When you are heading out for a casual get-together with friends, a jacket and a pair of jeans is your go to. It is the quickest choice for most of us. Wear the NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt below that jacket and finish your look. The variety in options makes it a natural choice for comfort and fashion. You can be sporty and energetic with no worry throughout the day.

7. Under a deep neck shirt

A breezy summer day calls for deep-V necks. It is a sporty look for such occasions. Most of the inner shirts can’t be worn because they get seen. NGwear has a sweat-proof inner shirt which goes along with these shirts. This is the perfect outfit for a zealous day.

8. Under a tight-fitting shirt

Certain shirts stick to you and show off your body. It might be uncomfortable sometimes when you have to go around in them. Wear NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt to not worry about sweating. The thin and lightweight material won’t even spoil the look of a fitting shirt.

9. As stand-alone shirt

This NGwear inner shirt can be worn as an everyday shirt as the material isn’t see through. The barriers that make it sweat proof aren’t visible. The material is lightweight in an efficient manner. You can pick a black NG sweat proof tee if you want to avoid subtle stitching at the seams further.

10. With a turtleneck

Sometimes it is cold outside or stuffed at the place you are at. Such conditions could make you feel irritated because of sweatiness. You might get worried about sweat stains ruining your look. Adding a sweat-proof inner shirt makes it more easy and comfortable.

11. Underneath an open neck button down

Trends keep changing from time to time. Unbuttoning your jacket was fashionable at one point in time. This sweat-proof inner shirt from NG keeps your look up to date. You don’t have to compromise on using garments that will let you breathe. You can keep up feeling confident in your body.

NG wear undershirts are tailored to suit your needs. They contain perspiration and don’t let sweat ruin your look. The fabric it is made out of is perfect for many situations. It is super-absorbent and light, making it easy to wear. Make smart choices of not having to choose between comfort and style with NG wear.