Why Do You Sweat at Night? Here are the Cause and Solutions for it

Why Do You Sweat at Night? Here are the Cause and Solutions for it

Sweating while you are sleeping is known as sleep hyperhidrosis. If it is summer season and you sleep just under a fan, then you may consider your sweating normal. If not then there are some serious issues with your body. However, most conditions that may arise are not life-threatening. Also, sweating is a way our body maintains the normal body temperature. So, there are chances that your body has no issue at all.


There are many reasons why you sweat at night. Here are some of the reasons that cause sleep sweating:


Infections are one of the primary reasons behind sleep sweating. Certain conditions like HIV, Tuberculosis, etc. show up as early symptoms. So, if you are facing sleep sweating, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Medical Side Effect

This is yet another reason why you have sleep sweating. If you have been taking any medicine lately, your sweating may have something to do with it. Also, if you are taking steroids or painkillers, or you have diabetes, sleep sweating can happen. So, you can certainly avoid visiting the doctor.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are common causes of so many problems in our body. Most people with stress and anxiety issues face the problem of the sweating at night. There is no worry if sweating remains constant. But if you notice a gradual increase in sweating, you must consider getting checked by a doctor.

Hormonal Imbalance

When your hormones go through a particular change, your body will start to react towards it. Most hormonal changes cause sleep sweating, and it is entirely normal. There is no need of visiting a doctor. Some common hormonal changes are puberty, diabetes, and thyroid.


Obesity or overweight is yet another common reason behind sleep sweating. People suffering from obesity tend to sweat more than usual. It happens because of the huge fat build up. So, you must not worry much about it. This will reduce after you get back to your ideal weight.

How to Treat Sleep Sweating?

Even though it is not a life-threatening disease, it can be annoying for the person suffering from it. However, treatment should only be decided when you are sure about the causes of sweat. But, if there is no particular known cause, you should undergo a treatment that can manage and treat your disease.

Here are some of the ways of treating your sleep sweating:

Start With You Sleeping Habits

Medication should always be the secondary option. Making specific changes in your routine can help you in have a peaceful sleep. Start sleeping in a cool temperature; this will reduce the amount of sweat. Also, make sure that you are not sleeping while wearing sweat causing fabrics. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes and wear something that is very flowy. Try to avoid sleeping under a heavy and extra loaded comforter.

Eating Habits

Your eating habits can undoubtedly help you in reducing the amount of sweating. Regular smoking and frequent intake of alcohol or caffeine can cause excessive sleep sweating. So, avoid consuming all these products as much as possible.


If you feel that nothing is working for you, you must go and get yourself checked with your doctor. Medicines can undoubtedly help you in curing your problem quickly. But, keep it as your last option.

Also, if you are aware of the causes behind your sweating problem, then you must start fixing in it. Managing and treating it in the right way will help you overcome the problem quickly.

Are you a Victim of Hyperhidrosis? List of Signs That Shows Your Armpit Sweat is Not Normal

Are you a Victim of Hyperhidrosis? List of Signs That Shows Your Armpit Sweat is Not Normal

A phenomenon that annoys almost anybody is sweating. Nobody really likes to sweat. However, it is also something that is required for the human body. It is one of the ways in which your body adapts itself to the excessive heat. But, if you observe that you are sweating more than normal, consider getting checked with a doctor. You might be suffering from hyperhidrosis. However, it is not a life-threatening condition, and it can be treated through medication and surgeries. Surgeries are a very quick solution, but you can get your hyperhidrosis treated through medicines also. From its causes to symptoms, you can find everything you need to know about the disease as you read along.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

Certain people believe that hyperhidrosis is caused because of stress, anxiety, and peer pressure. It is true to some extent, all of these factors may affect the condition of a person. Also, people suffering from this disease often come across problems like stress and anxiety because of excessive sweating. Some other causes of excessive sweating are spinal injuries, alcohol abuse and diabetes. Hyperhidrosis generally starts during adolescence, and the signs are visible from a very early stage.

Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

Symptoms of the disease are not just visible to you but to everyone around you. You tend to start sweating more than usual. It does not have a major effect on any of your organs. But, it can certainly degrade the quality of your life. However, discovering whether you are sweating fine or not is hard to tell. The human body reacts differently under different circumstances. So, if you notice that your sweat is creating problems for you, then consider getting yourself checked with a doctor. Here are some of the most common symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

Excessive Sweating

This is one of the obvious conditions. You will evidently see sweat at almost every part of your body. But, some areas like your armpits will have huge sweat patches around it. If you see anything like this, you must consult with your doctor.

Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms are yet another sign of hyperhidrosis. Most people feel that it is absolutely normal to have sweaty palms. But, you should not really take this lightly. It might not be creating any issues for you now, but it may create issues in the future. So, if you have sweaty palms, you must get yourself tested.

Heavy Sweating with Chest Pain and Nausea

This condition does not happen in early stages. But, if you have been ignoring your sweating conditions for a very long time, you may experience this. However, your life is still not in danger. It is just that your hyperhidrosis has leveled up. People often face heavy sweating, chest pain, nausea and a feeling of light-headedness because of this condition. If you have been feeling the same for a very long time, get yourself checked with a doctor right away.

There are certain ways of dealing with your hyperhidrosis while undergoing treatment. You always consider wearing a sweat proof undershirt to hide your sweat patches. It will help you regain your confidence.

What Is The Best Cure For Hyperhidrosis?

What Is The Best Cure For Hyperhidrosis?

Clothes are no more a simple piece of fabric used to cover the body. Nowadays these have become more of a ‘personality speaking’ thing. The type of clothes you wear reflects out your fashion sense and groomed personality. Therefore, going wrong with outfits is the biggest blunder one can do. The evolution of clothes has paved ways to some styling methods and elegant solutions.

Are you familiar with the irresistible yellow stains under the shirts? Well, we all are. The dressing trends over the years have transformed largely along with varying trends grooves along with some shortcomings. Besides wardrobe malfunctions, dirty and stained clothes may negatively impact your impression. It may degrade the quality of your clothing appearance. The first reason for this is the unwanted sweating phenomenon.

Sweating is an essential function of a human body. It is entirely natural and favorable to maintain our body’s temperature. Sweating is vital for the detoxification of the body. However, it is unfavorable when it hinders with your look and outfits. It may accompany you at essential events where you tend to get nervous and stressed out. Unfortunately, they can welcome embarrassing moments as well. Now, one doesn’t want to fall prey to something like that, right.

Hyperhidrosis can hinder your confidence

Sweating is only appreciated when you are doing an intense workout or vigorous training. But have you ever experienced heavy sweating where you need to change the clothes? If you are a victim of such a situation, then you are entitled to a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Most of the times, it is area specific including palms, underarms or soles of feet. Many individuals are seen struggling with such unhappiness. Experts say that the percentage of men with hyperhidrosis is more when compared to women.

Fit and good clothing is a true sign of a sophisticated person. There are a number of occasions where you are required to be well dressed. Workplace, social gatherings, outings or at parties, a groomed person is appreciated everywhere. However, if clothes are presentable one is ultimately applauded. And none of us wants to miss such a shot.

A worthy day or event may turn into a complete embarrassment with sweat dripping down your clothes. Have you been in situations where you avoid handshakes due to excessive sweating? Well, a normal human being cannot avoid sweating but can always find the best options to reduce sweat.

A sweated outfit is enough to bring disappointment and complications. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to hyperhidrosis.

Is hyperhidrosis curable?

Hyperhidrosis may be caused due to some undefined reasons at times. However, allergy, infections and mental stress can trigger such conditions. In more serious cases, diabetes or thyroid problems also cause hyperhidrosis. It is highly observed in healthy and obese individuals.

People dealing with hyperhidrosis are highly concerned about its curability. Well, there is always something instead of nothing. Certain treatments can minimize the amount of sweat, but complete eradication is not guaranteed.

Sweat Undershirts are the best cure

Treatments are crucial as well as expensive. Besides those, deodorants, antiperspirant sprays and other such remedies also exist in the market. However, they are limited to underarms only. Also, they are not very reliable and may go wrong frequently.

Justifying science and technology came to conquer the wonder of sweat undershirts. These are a type of undergarments worn to avoid the sweat patches on your outer clothes. They are body sticking, worn under sheer garments or formal wears to hide the unwanted stains. Earlier this was one of the least popular wardrobes essential. With the growing popularity and desired results, these rule the undergarment market. Besides absorbing sweat they assure a neat, pleasant outlook, cover the chest hair and works for buttoned-down shirts. Undoubtedly, sweat undershirts are one of the best choices to avoid those yellow patches on your clothes. To buy the best quality with reliable fabric, visit Ngwear website. It is a perfect answer to why you should say yes to undershirts.

India’s first sweat proof undershirt

The need for a secure and positive result was immensely needed. And to your luck, Ngwear has brought laurels to the country. It is the only brand offering a multitude range of men sweat undershirts in India. Ngwear is the first country to adopt such a technology which ensures you sweat free outfits. The store is endorsed with varieties of sweat proof undershirts including crew neck, v- neck, tank tops, long sleeved, etc.

Is Sweating A Bad Thing?

Is Sweating A Bad Thing?

Sweating is a necessary evil. It is unpleasant but healthy. It is your body’s means to cool you down. Lack of sweating can lead to overheating and cause an imbalance in the proper functioning of your body. When the body temperature rises, your skin perspires automatically and releases salty liquid to help you cool down. Perspiration is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which cannot be controlled consciously. Although emotions like anxiety, anger, nervousness, fear or embarrassment can cause you to sweat more.


But don’t be afraid to work up a good sweat as it is quite beneficial for your health. Sweating boosts Endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone during an intense workout or even while walking briskly. Stress hormones like Cortisol reduce after sweating. It detoxifies the body and flushes out the alcohol, toxins, cholesterol, and salt. Inducing perspiration through traditional or infrared ways is a good idea to get detoxified. The pores open when we sweat and release the toxins, thereby preventing pimples and blemishes. Sweating also promotes blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Sweating reduces the risk of kidney stones because it eliminates the salt and limits the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys. People who sweat more also tend to drink more water and fluids which in turn is a primary preventive measure for kidney stones. But we need to keep in mind that sweating causes us to lose essential electrolytes and fluid. In order to balance it out, we need to remember to stay hydrated. An excellent way to get those electrolytes in is to drink coconut water. You can also try making fruit water, which is, cutting fruits like strawberries, kiwi, etc and putting it into a bottle of water. By doing this, you not only incorporate the goodness of fruit but also make the process of staying hydrated fun.



However, sweating is not always good. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is often very unpleasant. Some people have an overactive cooling mechanism for the body. They typically sweat four to five times more than what can be considered normal. Uncontrollable sweating can cause a threat to the person’s quality of life even if it is not life-threatening. It can also indicate some major health issues and lead to embarrassing social situations. There are also a few sweat generating habits that you may want to avoid. Although sweating is very natural, nobody likes to look sweaty, have sweat stains or be around people with body odour. This is why we have products which minimize the appearance and smell of sweat, like deodorants, antiperspirants, sweat pads sweat proof clothing, etc. Body odour is yet another inconvenience. Sweat does not smell, but along with dead skin cells, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria breaking sweat down causes body odour.


A good way to keep sweating and body odour in check are to keep yourself squeaky clean. Wash away the sweat and dirt that causes bacteria to grow. Antibacterial soap helps in reducing body odour to a great extent. Look for the term “antibacterial” in the packaging. Keep your clothes clean, especially during summers and when you are sweating profusely. If you do experience foot odour, make sure to change those socks and change the insoles/ wash the shoes if they are washable. Deodorant powders come in very handy when you have foot odour. There are certain foods that make you sweat more like spicy food, garlic, onions, oily and fried food. It is advisable to cut off such foods from your diet if you have a sweating problem. Caffeine and alcohol also cause excessive sweating. A lack of sweat can also pose a danger. It could indicate a skin or nerve damage and also goes to show that the sweat glands are not working properly. This condition is called Hypohidrosis or Anhidrosis. This condition can also lead to a stroke.

All in all, sweating has its advantages and disadvantages. Excessive sweating is bad, as is the absolute lack thereof. Everyone sweats in their own way, and it’s advisable to maintain a certain level of hygiene. By remaining active, being hygienic, staying hydrated, you can reap the benefits of perspiring as well as save yourself from embarrassing situations.

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years

Dress Shirt Trends Over The Years

Dress shirt is an extremely common term used by almost all the men. For those who are not familiar with the term, a dress shirt is a shirt you wear under your suit jacket. Even though men use the shirt almost every day of their lives. Only a few of them are actually aware of the historical background of the dress shirt. Dress shirt does have a history. They have an origin, and they were used differently in older times. This article will tell you how this piece of cloth became such an essential part of a man’s life.

Dress Shirts Over The Years

Dress shirts have been in this world from the time our great-grandparents were born. Here is the historical background of the dress shirt.

First Shirts

The very first time they were used was long-long back. These shirts were evidently seen in the Medieval artistry period. Initially, dress shirts were used as innerwear. Yes, you heard it absolutely right, these were used as innerwear in previous times. People used to wear these to protect themselves from all the sweat and soil. Men used to weariIt with waistcoat whereas women used it to protect their pretty frocks. These shirts were mainly made of items like cotton, hemp or linen. This piece of cloth was hardly visible in those times.

Outer Garment Status

For a long time, wearing nothing over a shirt was considered extremely improper. It was similar to wearing nothing but innerwear and heading outside. After the 20th century, these shirts became popular as an outer garment. People were then comfortably wearing the shirt as an outer garment. Later in the years, people started making innovations. Shirts with embellishments and embroideries came into the market. So, the clothing certainly changed the entire trend.  People were seen wearing different colors of the shirt. It became a fashionable casual outfit.

Highly Common

Shirts became extremely popular by the 1920’s. It was hugely accepted by almost the entire population of the world. Every man was allowed to wear a shirt and move around the city. Earlier, farmers and peasants were constrained from wearing such attire. But by this time, even they were seen wearing colorful shirts. Pastel colors were very much in trend these days. People preferred a much larger collar than what we see in shirts today. People all around the place paired these shirts with blazer or coats. A few of men even wore an overcoat with a shirt dress. But, none of the combinations discomforted anyone. Since then it became an extremely important piece of cloth in a man’s wardrobe.

The Big Change

By the 1980’s dress shirts became immensely popular. It was one of those clothes that a man cannot think of living without. Innovation and creative creation were happening at a very high pace. The designers started to do certain experiments. They began with stiffening the cuffs and collars while the rest of the garment was left comfortable. They began making these shirts with different materials. Since then, shirts became common and the most popular clothing for a business or formal gathering. Sky blue color was one of the most popular colors of all time. With no dubiety, we can still state that people still love sky blue color in their formal attire.

The general idea and the style of clothing haven’t changed much in the past few years. The method of business formals has remained the same right from the 18th century. Although, people have made significant changes in terms of color. Added accessories like cuff links and ties have become popular as well. There were no undershirts back in the 18th century, but people soon realized its importance. You can have great undershirts from here. Also, have a look at the business wear trends that are going on nowadays.