Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Guide To Buy The Perfect Undershirt

Are you planning to buy an undershirt? If yes, you are making a wise choice! Undershirts are great in a lot of ways. They manage your problem of excessive sweating. However, you do have a lot of options available in the market. All of those will undoubtedly confuse you to a great extent because all of them have a lot to offer you. It is absolutely easy for you to make the wrong decision. So, this article will certainly help you in saving yourself from getting lost in the wide market. Read along the article to find out what to buy and where to buy.

Points to Consider

An undershirt shopping is very much different from what you regularly do. You must take care of a few points before actually buying your undershirt. Here is a list of things you must consider before purchasing an undershirt. These are:

Your Problematic Area

Before buying an undershirt, you must be really aware of your problem areas. As the sweat-proof garment is meant to target the areas you have a problem. So, if you face excessive sweating in your underarms, then, you must buy an undershirt that covers the underarm area.

Choosing the Appropriate Sales Channel

The best selling channel is the brands that have their store either online or in your local market. Picking up undershirts from brands that are selling through a third party channel is never appreciable. You can pick up the perfect undershirt from NGwear. We do have an extremely brilliant quality of undershirts.

Performance of the Undershirt

Your undershirt must fulfill your requirement. Otherwise, buying it would a complete waste of money. There are some undershirts that are just tagged as sweat proof and do not show even a single good result. So, in order to avoid such a situation, you must look for some review of the product. Ideally, an undershirt does not let sweat patches to come over your clothes. So, if your undershirt is good at hiding the stains. This means you have made the right choice.

Odor Resistant

   This is one of the most important things that you must take care of. Nobody likes bad body odor. It certainly makes you feel bad about your self. However, most sweat proof undershirts are designed to resist body odor. So, you must choose a product that completely prevents body odor. Preventing body odor is as important as preventing sweat patches from your clothes. There are certain Undershirts available in the market that successfully hides your sweat patches. But, they often fail in preventing the bad sweaty odor. However, if you have already bought an undershirt that doesn’t prevent body odor. You can definitely go for other options to prevent body odor.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Are you aware of the right fabric of an undershirt? Undershirts are generally made of either Cotton, Modal or Micro Modal fabric. One of the major reason behind choosing the fabric is that they make a brilliant sweat-proof undershirt. But, some brands use other fabrics as well. Your good experience totally depends on the type of fabric you choose. So, making a wise choice becomes really important here. Cotton fabrics aren’t loved much. It happens for a simple reason that they hardly last longer than 4 washes. You must invest in fabric that is much durable. Modal fabric is highly recommended.

The Price of the Undershirt

Well, undoubtedly price is one of the major factors we all consider without even being advised to. You can easily get a normal undershirt for $3 per piece. But if you are jumping in for a sweat proof undershirt. Then you must know that the price of a sweat proof undershirt is no way near to that. A sweat-proof undershirt costs somewhere around $25- $40. The price depends on the type of fabric you choose.

Money Back Guarantee

You must look for this option whenever you are buying a sweat proof undershirt. Most companies are not really aware of the tools to curate a sweat proof undershirt. But, thankfully the money back guarantee solves all such problems.

You may also consider other factors like shipping and the validity of refund.

Still not sure if you should buy one? Read here to find out the benefits of having an undershirt.

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer

Men’s Business Wear Trends This Summer

The trend is always changing but, one thing that remains constant is the comfort. You must never compromise with comfort. It becomes easy to work when you feel comfortable in your clothing. Business wear is designed and curated by keeping in mind that it must make you look professional. If it doesn’t give out an aesthetic, comfortable and cool vibe, then it definitely is not meant for business wear. The trend this year is extremely colorful. Brands are mix-matching colors and making cool business wear and presentable outfits. It definitely makes you look neat, clean and presentable. Read along to know the latest trends.



We all know that black is not a very smart choice in summers. It is a heat absorbent and can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Apart from that, no one would like to immensely sweat under an amazing suit and probably ruin the entire attire. So, it becomes really important to make decent color choices. White is most likely to be an all-weather color. So, it certainly proves to be amazing for hot summer days as well. The white color shirt is definitely a great choice during summers. However, it is all about grey color this summer. Grey is probably the subtlest and looks great when paired with whites. You can definitely wear a grey suit to your office.

Bright Colored Ties

Bright colored ties are very much in trend. However, colored ties might not seem appropriate as office apparel. It still makes great formal wear. You can certainly wear a red tie over your grey suit. The poppy color will make an awesome outfit. Other colors like green and purple are also trending this year. You can pair it with any of your suits to stand out among the rest. However, make sure you look different in a good way. If you are not really comfortable wearing a plain poppy color tie, you can also go for a colorful tie that has stripes or a geometric pattern in it. Make sure you make the proper pairing of your outfit. Make sure the combination you pick looks good too. The bright shades might look good individually. However, sometimes, upon pairing them, you might end up looking like a disaster!


Breathable Material

Fashion trend these days are more about comfort. Designers and common people are picking up outfits that are made with breathable fabric. Breathable fabrics are beneficial in a lot of ways. It does not expose your body to the unnecessary heat. Heat can make your body sweat like anything.  Sweating can make you look absolutely unpresentable. So, choosing an outfit with a breathable material can help you avoid such situations. You may look much more presentable. If you are not really aware of the breathable material, you may look for clothes that specify 100% cotton as its material. Cotton is one of the most preferred material. Cotton clothes are breathable, and they also prevent body odor. They are also fairly stretchable and can definitely make a great outfit.

The Checkered Dress Shirt

Check shirts are the most basic clothing that each one of us has in our wardrobe. These became popular a few years back. Check shirts definitely make a bright dress shirt. You can either pair it with a suit jacket or wear a check shirt and go to your workplace. These shirts come in many different colors. You can choose colors according to the season as darker colors absorb a lot of heat. Some of the most loved colors of check dress shirts are white, blue and green. They can be easily paired with any color. You can definitely let go of your tie for a day! Pick the right color, considering how much you sweat. Yes, the colors make a difference.

These are one of the latest business fashion trends for men. Pick the trend that suits your body type the best and stay in fashion with the right business wear. However, you can add a layer of undershirt to avoid sweat patches. It can even help you in achieving a nice fitting.

Why Do Some People Sweat While Others Do Not?

Why Do Some People Sweat While Others Do Not?

There are a lot of reasons behind sweating. You might see people sweating like they are going to fill a bucket in seconds! However, some might not even drip a single drop of sweat. The reason behind this depends on a number of factors. It is not really complicated to understand any of that. Read along the article to understand the various reasons behind such situations. It will also help you in making some better choices so that you sweat less on important days.


Why Do You Sweat?

This is indeed one of the most common questions people come up with. Sweating is an absolutely normal function by the body. It is a natural way adopted by the body to keep it cool. During extremely hot summer days, the sweat glands in our body release perspiration. When this perspiration meets with the air outside, it starts evaporating. This evaporation takes away some heat of the body and helps to feel a little cooler. So, the body temperature does not reach a dangerously high temperature. There is a very interesting reason behind people sweating in an entirely different way than others. However, sweating is absolutely normal, and you should not worry much about excessively sweating. It is a natural process.


Excessive Sweating

Let us assume a scenario of two people of the same height, weight. They are standing in the same clothing, in the same room temperature. One of the men starts sweating as the temperature rises a bit, while the other doesn’t. When the temperature keeps rising, the man sweating earlier is now all drenched in sweat. On the other hand, the second one is still slightly sweaty. Now, we can certainly conclude that sweating depends on the activity of a person’s sweat gland. Sweat glands are very much active in some people, while relatively less active in some. Some people’s sweat glands release more perspirations than that of other people’s sweat gland.


Hormones and Sweating

Hormones and sweating have a very close connection. Many of us are unaware of the fact that our hormones are a major factor behind the activity of sweat glands. It has been observed that men sweat more than women. It happens because a man’s body releases perspiration far more than a woman’s body. Another example for a similar situation could be menopause and post-menopause situation. Women often experience night sweating post menopause while men of the same age do not experience any of that.


Stress and Nervousness

Stress sweating is a very common problem. Almost all of us have gone through this more than once in our lifetime. We often sweat a lot while we stress. Stress, anxiety, nervousness are some of the important factors behind excessive sweating. Our body has more than 2 million sweat glands. Most of them become active when we start stressing about something. Taking stress won’t really solve any of your problems. It will only make you look unprofessional and untidy. So, next time you start stressing about anything. Just take a walk in the open and try to stay as calm as possible.


Choice of Cloth

You might not be paying a lot of attention to this lately. But, trust me clothing is a significant reason behind excessively sweating. Your clothes do have a positive as well as negative impact on your sweat glands. It is often observed that heat absorbing colors like black will make you sweat more than usual. So, it is highly advised to wear such clothes in the hot months of the year. You must wear clothes that are light weight and do not absorb a lot of heat. Light, pastel shades like light blue, baby pink, pastel colors, etc., are great for summers.


Food Habits

Your food habits can also be a great reason behind excessive sweating. There are certain foods that you must avoid to get rid of the issue of excessive sweating. Spicy foods are at the top of the list!. Spicy food makes you feel too hot on the inside. As a result of which our sweat glands become active. It makes you sweat more than usual because of the high rate of release of perspiration from the sweat glands. So, you should try to avoid chilies when you are attending some important meeting.

You cannot do much about sweating but, you can certainly hide sweat patches. Undershirts are a great option if you do not want your sweat to show up on your apparel.

List of Worst Places to Sweat

List of Worst Places to Sweat

Sweating can be horrendous most of the times. However, sweating is one of the most important functions of the human body. If our body stops sweating, our body will certainly start overheating. As a result of which we will start feeling uncomfortable and land into a tub full of trouble. Sweating can be fine if you are performing some activity. You must sweat while working out, or weeding your garden or even while jogging. But, sweating can certainly land you into some embarrassing situations as well. They knock on the door like an unwanted guest. Here is a list of a few situations, where sweating can be way more than just embarrassing.

In a Business Meeting

Business meetings are always so important. It could be a game-changing thing for someone’s career. Think about a situation where you properly dressed and all set to give your presenting. Sweating excessively in such a situation is just so embarrassing. People might often associate your sweating issue with nervousness. As nervousness, underconfidence, stress is one of the major reason behind excessive sweating. Apart from just ruining your appearance, sweating can also hinder your presentation. As sweating often comes with a feeling of discomfort and self-consciousness.

On a Date

Dates are meant to be romantic, exciting and joyful. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the first time or sixth time. Sweating on a date can be embarrassing. Imaging is sitting on a date with your armpit sweat stain constantly growing. It might create an embarrassing situation for both of you. The other might even quickly lose their appetite. There are certain ways of controlling sweat. Make sure you do not order any spicy food during your date. It can certainly make the situation worst.

Meeting In-Laws

You and your partner are dating for quite a long time. Now you feel that it’s the right time to meet each other’s parents. Meeting with in-laws is one of the most crucial phases of life. You certainly want to look the best of you to make them believe that you are worthy for their child. Excessively sweating in such a situation is quite normal. As you may feel a little stressed about your appearance. But those underarm sweat patches can certainly create an embarrassing situation. However, staying confident and a little less stressful can save you from such embarrassing situations.

At a Job Interview

First job interviews are always full of excitement. Major elements of the interview include your first impression and qualification. We cannot do much about the qualification but making a good impression is always in our hands. We want to dress like a gentleman and appear confident enough to please the interviewers. Looking all sweaty will be strict no by your side. Sweating can certainly create problems for you in such a situation. Interviewers might ignore sweat patches for once. But, it will make you self-conscious and nervous, ultimately you will lose your confidence. It will hinder your performance.

At a Client Meeting

The client meeting is yet another important chapter of a business person or a marketing employee. Client meeting occurs on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. If you are someone who interacts with various clients on a daily basis, then your appearance must be topping the priority list. Major Client decision depends on your appearance. Apart from that, sweating can certainly ruin your performance. Sweating can also make you look very unprofessional. You do not have any control over it, but it will create an embarrassing situation.

There is a lot of other situation where sweating can be extremely embarrassing. But, there are certain ways you can avoid situations. Undershirts are a great option if you have an excessive sweating habit. Undershirts can help you in hiding your underarm sweat patches. However, you should not feel embarrassed of sweating all the time. It is completely normal to sweat. If you feel that you are sweating abnormally, you can get it checked with a dermatologist. A course of medication will certainly cure your sweating problem. Until then, you can certainly take the help of undershirts to stay presentable in the aforementioned situation.

Best Options to Reduce Sweat

Best Options to Reduce Sweat

Sweating is one of the most common problems with people all around the world. It is important, as the body cools itself by sweat. It also protects the vital organs in our body. But, sweating can certainly lead you to some of the very awkward moment. It can lower your confidence most of the time. Imagine giving an interview with a completely sweaty look, unacceptable, right? We have sorted a list of things that can help you reduce your sweat.

But, in spite of all the options below, you could still consider sweat-proof undershirts over anything. These are specifically designed to add a layer of protection to your clothes.


This is the most common way to reduce sweat. Antiperspirants are considered as the safest way to reduce the issue of excessive sweating. Also, deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things, so do not confuse between the two. Deodorant keeps the bad body odor away; antiperspirant blocks the sweat ducts which ultimately reduces the sweat.

Antiperspirants are aluminum based, so, if you are allergic to aluminum, you must avoid these. Although, you still have a lot of other options open to reduce your sweat.

It is really important to apply antiperspirants correctly. The improper application will not make the antiperspirant work effectively.

  • Make sure that you are applying your antiperspirant on a clean and dry surface.
  • Consider applying it at night, as people are less active during this hour of the day. An antiperspirant needs time to block the sweat glands.
  • A clean armpit will have much better results as antiperspirants require direct contact to the skin.

Sweat Shield

Sweat shields are nothing. They have been a part of clothing for a very long time, but it is not so popular. Sweat shield saves you from the uncomfortable underarm sweat stains. These are cotton pads which are placed in your underarm region. It absorbs the excess sweat and makes you look presentable.  

Some of the clothes come with pre-installed sweat shield, generally in the clothes that are meant for athletes.


If you are looking for some permanent solution for your problem, miraDry can be a great option. It is a medical treatment for people who have an excessive sweating problem. During the procedure, microwave energy is used. This energy destroys the sweat glands permanently. So, you ultimately get a sweat-free underarm and a life without antiperspirant. Since it is a medical procedure, you might feel a slight discomfort.


We are very much aware of the word Botox. It is used over the face to remove fine line or wrinkles. It is an extremely effective procedure to wave off sweat permanently. The toxin present in Botox treatment obstruct the activities of your sweat glands. So, if you have had hyperhidrosis, Botox treatment is your go-to solution.

Eat Right

Your food can make a huge difference. It is really important to eat the right food to control your sweating. Eating food that is way too spicy can make you sweat excessively. Also, try staying as hydrated as you can because water will help in keeping the body cool.

Dress Accordingly

Few colors will help you hide those sweat patches. So, if you do not have sweat shield or sweat-proof undershirts, choose an appropriate color of the dress. Do not go for lighter shades as they highlight the sweaty region. Wear something light and breathable; this will help your body to maintain the coolness.

Don’t Stress About Your Sweat

Stressing about sweat can make the condition worse. Stress makes you sweat, and if you stress about sweat, you will sweat even more. So, stay calm and don’t obsess about your sweating condition, it is a normal thing and can be cured easily.

Meditate and Exercise

This is an absolute time taking the remedy, but it is very effective. Deep breathing is highly recommended by a scientist for people who have an excessive sweating problem. It can help to reduce the sweat by lowering the rate of the actions of sweat glands. Relaxing for a few minutes every day can be of great help for people with hyperhidrosis.