Best Deodorants to Tackle Armpit Sweat Stains Effectually

Best Deodorants to Tackle Armpit Sweat Stains Effectually

Have you been changing deodorants, every now and then, but seems that you are still sweating. Well, we will try and find some of the best deodorants on the market that will keep the sweat away. There are so many reasons why you may be sweating profusely, and this makes you lose your confidence and calm. Could it be the first date, a job interview or just your day to day activities? Whichever, the case, sweating can be annoying and embarrassing in some instances.

There are some people who have health conditions that causes them to sweat, without a reason. Deodorants are meant to be masks that will cover the smelly sweat, but this may not be effective in containing the sweat stains. There is a better option than that, which we will discuss here.

Preventing Sweat Stains Effectively

Sweating can be quite uncomfortable and it also goes on to soak your shirt and leave stains. Even when you have bought expensive clothes, they can easily be damaged by sweat stains and this can be annoying. While deodorants seem to be a great option, they also seem to stain some clothes and can be visible on dark clothes. Did you know that the cause of the yellow stains on your shirts is as a result of the sweat reacting with the aluminum, in most antiperspirants?

Fortunately, we have a better solution that will help you deal with sweat stain for good. This is in the form of a sweat proof undershirt. This will is a great remedy as it is made in such a manner that it will absorb the sweat and prevent it from getting to the outer shirt that you have. The undershirt gives you a layer that blocks the sweat, leaving your clothes in great condition.

If you are using a deodorant, you should give it a few seconds to dry before wearing your clothes. This is one of the ways that you can be sure that it will be effective and will not leave sweat stains on your clothes. The application of the deodorants is also important as there are some that may have to be applied at night. Do not apply too much deodorant as this may also cause the yellow stains on your shirts.

Best Deodorants for Armpit Sweat Stains

There are quite a number of deodorants on the market and each has its own unique properties. We have analyzed a few options out them that seem to be effective in controlling armpit sweating. This has been in the form of tests, cliental reviews and having our team testing them to get a firsthand experience. As far as gender goes, you should not be limited as you can wear a deodorant that is meant for ladies.

Here are some of the best deodorants that we would recommend:


This is a unisex deodorant with clinical strength. As such, this is a great option for people who suffer from heavy sweating. When applying the deodorant, you should follow the specific instructions so as to get the best results.


One of the things that we loved about this particular one is the fact that it is ultra-clear. It has been specially made in this way so as to prevent sweating and also not leave white stains on your shirt. This is one of the deodorants, with amazing reviews, and as such it is an option to consider.


When you go through various reviews, in search of a good deodorant, you will certainly bump into this one. It is known to be a great clinical antiperspirant and specifically for people with sensitive skin.


This is also another deodorant that you may want to consider. The biggest win for this particular one is the fact that it dries up pretty fast and remains clear. This will make you feel dry and comfortable all day long.


This is a natural deodorant and is effective in fighting the yellow stains as well as the bad odor caused by sweating. This would be a great option for anyone who is into natural stuff.

Getting Rid of Armpit Sweat Stains

Having reviewed some of the top rated deodorants on the market, you will need to combine this with a sweat proof undershirt. You will notice that there is no deodorant that is 100% sweat proof, and as such, it requires some form of back up. The NGwear undershirts are an effective way of enhancing the antiperspirant protection. Our undershirts have a patent technology to keep the sweat away from your clothes. You will feel comfortable and dry with our undershirts.

How to Deal with Sweating in Your Teenage

How to Deal with Sweating in Your Teenage

One of the most sensitive stages in life is the teenage years. At this stage, you start to discover yourself and the body starts to react in different ways. There are moments when you will sweat because you are going out for your very first date or have a new experience in life. While sweating is a normal thing, there are some cases, when you may realize that you are sweating way too much.

It can be quite embarrassing when you have to deal with too much sweat, even when there is nothing causing you to sweat as much. This is one of the killers of self-esteem in confidence in teens. Fortunately, this is just about to come to stop, and by the end of this post, you will be happy that you landed here.

Why Do Teens Sweat?

As mentioned earlier, puberty marks the end of being a child and the starting point of adulthood. There are 2 sweat glands in the body; the apocrine and eccrine glands. From birth, you will have the eccrine glands, but the apocrine glands will start to develop in your armpits, during adolescence. These are the sweat glands that will produce odor, when they react with the bacteria that is found on your skin.

When you hit puberty, the body starts to change and part of the metamorphosis is having over 3 million sweat glands being activated around the groin, armpit, palms, and the feet. Besides the normal sweating, you may realize that you are suffering from excessive sweating.

What Causes Excessive Sweating?

If you have been sweating too much, than usual, there are so many possible reasons to explain it. Sweating is a normal function that will be used in regulating the temperature your body. Some of the instances that could cause you to sweat include exercising, eating hot spices, areas with hot temperatures, medication, taking hot beverages and getting angry or anxious as well as being nervous.

When you are a teen, you may have a number of nervous experiences that will cause you to have sweaty palms. This is mainly triggered by the sympathetic nervous system, which will activate the flight or fight response in such situations and this causes you to sweat.

While this could be normal in teens, there are some who experience some extreme sweating, which is a medical condition.

Understanding Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, which causes one to sweat beyond the common parameters. This is caused by the sweat glands being hyperactive and as a result, you will sweat almost every time. This will be irrespective of the temperatures and it will so much more than the usual amount required to regulate the body temperature.

If you are suffering from this, you are not alone; in the United States only, there are over 7.8 million people who are affected by this condition. In most cases, this will be in your armpits, which is referred to as axillary hyperhidrosis. It is true that this is a condition that does not cause any bodily harm, but for a teen, this could be quite disturbing. It will cause odor and even ruin clothes with the yellow stains.

How to Tell if You Are Sweating Excessively

There are some teens who suffer from hyperhidrosis, yet they do not realize it. Here are some of the symptoms that could indicate you are sweating beyond the normal standards:

  • Always having to wipe sweat
  • Poor concentration in class
  • Sweaty hands, causing you to avoid handshakes
  • Changing clothes severally, in a day

Too much sweating can be quite uncomfortable and may be a great source of embarrassment. If this has been affecting your day to day life, you should take the right action.

How to Handle Excessive Sweating in Teens

I know you may have given up and concluded that your situation cannot be helped. There are many suggestions that are floated, but if you have to deal with excessive sweating, this may not be of any help. Most of the sweating advice, much as it means well, may be misleading. This is because most people are not aware of hyperhidrosis and as such suggestions like showering several times in a day may not be of any help.

Here are some suggestions and tips that you can try and regain your confidence, while enjoying your teenage:

  1. Deodorants and Antiperspirants

This may sound like is a something simple and common, but unfortunately most people cannot tell the difference. Deodorants are designed in such a manner that they will prevent the sweating odor. However, the antiperspirants will block the sweat glands and prevent you from excessive sweating.

The active ingredient in antiperspirants in aluminum chloride, which will dissolve on the skin and form some gel, which will clog the sweat glands. As a result the amount of sweat that is released, is significantly reduced. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you should use a combination of antiperspirant and deodorant. The deodorant will keep your armpits smelling fresh, while the antiperspirants will block the wetness and too much sweating. A good tip to follow, is by checking the concentration of aluminum chloride, so to block the sweat effectively.

  1. Prescription Antiperspirants

If, in the past you have tried the antiperspirants that are sold over the counter and there was no change, then you should take it a notch higher and go to a medical doctor. The doctor will prescribe a clinical antiperspirant, which is stronger than the others that are sold over the counter. When using the clinical antiperspirants that have been prescribed, you should follow the instructions religiously. There are some that are supposed to be applied at night. You need to be patient as this may take a few weeks, before you can realize noticeable changes in your sweating.

  1. Medical Procedures

There are a number of medical procedures that you could for, however, it is important to clarify that there is no definite cure for hyperhidrosis. The medical procedures are meant to help manage the situation. Some of the available options include iontophoresis, Miradry, laser, oral medication, surgery and Botox. Some of the treatment methods are quite expensive and require regular maintenance.

  1. Natural Remedies

You may also resort to the use of some homemade remedies, using natural products. Some of the common ingredients include tea tree oil, wheatgrass, green tea, vinegar and lemon. This could work as a natural way of preventing excessive sweating.

  1. Sweat Proof Undershirts

The sweat proof undershirt is another great solution for excessive teen sweating. This will absorb the sweat and leave you dry and comfortable at all times. You will no longer have to worry about yellow stains on your clothes as it does not allow the sweat to penetrate to the clothes.

However, the only thing to take note is that not all sweat proof undershirts will work as required. You need to find one that is made of natural fibers, which we trap the sweat. The NGwear sweat proof undershirt is one that will not disappoint. This is a patented sweat shield that is definite in blocking the sweat.

What are the Side Effects of Excessive Sweating in Teens?

Excessive sweating in teens has a number of adverse side effects, if it is not managed properly. This can have a huge impact on your day to day life and takes your self-esteem. There are a number of teens who have suffered a great deal of psychological and social side effects as a result of sweating. This causes depression, ridicule and lack of confidence.

Fortunately, this is something that can be controlled and you need to talk to your parents and explore the best solution. You should not allow teen sweating to ruin your life and cause you not to enjoy your teenage years.

Why Do We Sweat

Why Do We Sweat

Back in the day, the early man would run for very long distances in areas that were open. They need to find a way to survive the scorching sun and cool the brains. As a result, evolution triggered the increase of the sweat grand, which created room for expansion of the brain and provided the cooling effect. Human beings are the most unique animals found on planet earth. One of the unique and natural biological process in humans is sweating. This is what keeps you cool and makes humans different from the other animals. Most animals have the capacity to retain heat, while humans are designed to lose heat. Sweating provides cooling, which allows you to go for long distances at great speeds. As a matter of fact, we can outrun most animals, since they would overheat in such conditions.
Daniel E. Lieberman, a Harvard evolutionary biologist, a human can beat a horse in a 26.6-mile race, when the temperatures are high. The International Hyperhidrosis Society has also established that we have 2 to 4 million sweat glands in the body. Dr. Nina G. Jablonski, American Professor at Pennsylvania State University, our large brains are responsible for the evolution from apes to humans. However, the brain would not have expanded if we did not have a sweaty skin. Approximately 2 million years ago, that was when the human evolution took a significant turn and accelerated. This is the period when there were primates that were not longer apes showed up in the Savannahs of East Africa. These are believed to have been the early human beings and they used to run in open areas for long distances. When the brains expanded, we got the capacity to plan and as such this is when people were dispersed from the continent of Africa. With this in mind, you should not find sweating annoying, were it not for the sweat, we probably would still be apes, somewhere in the wild.

The human body has two main types of sweat glands:

Apocrine This type of sweat gland is prominent in areas where there are hair follicles. These sweat glands are commonly found in the anal-genital area as well as the armpits. Usually these glands do not end in pores; instead they are in the form of hair follicles. These sweat glands tend to produce a thicker fluid and when it comes into contact with bacteria they produce a foul smell.

These are the most common types of sweat glands and are found in most parts of the body, including the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands. The Eccrine sweat glands are responsible for moderating core temperature and prevent overheating and also help in cooling the skin.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, this means that the sweat glands are overly active and this cause too much sweat to be produced. Several stimuli like physical and emotional stress intensify this overreaction. Some food like caffeine or alcohol may also provoke the sweat glands to overact.

Where Do Yellow Stains Come From and Can I Prevent Them?

Where Do Yellow Stains Come From and Can I Prevent Them?

Everyone experiences yellow pit stains from time to time. It is not a problem that is only common for people who are suffering from hyperhidrosis. These pit stains are very embarrassing and can make you anxious and stressed if you happen to expose them as you wave to a co-worker or a friend.


What Does Not Work For Pit Stains?

Different people try different hacks to avoid sweat and yellow stains. Some avoid coloured dress shirts such as those in baby blue which are among the worst culprits. Some people opt for white shirts instead. However, this is not a long term solution as it makes you susceptible to the yellow pit stains which appear after sweating a number of times.

Another popular and widespread solution is to increase deodorant application. Mintel International has noted that adults tend to use deodorant about 8.6 times during the week while youth who lie between 18 and 24 years have a higher frequency of application with an average of 9.2 times during the week. In line with this type of thinking, people tend to go for the heavy antiperspirants which reduce sweating by a fifth. However, you might be shocked to learn that this solution might actually be the source of your sweat stains and not the solution you are looking for.


The Formation of Armpit Stains

Heavy-duty antiperspirants contain aluminium. Sweat, on the other hand, contains proteins. When these two react, the resultant product leads to the yellowing of your white cotton shirt. Antiperspirants therefore almost always lead to yellow pit stains. Most deodorants do not have aluminium but using too much deodorant can still lead to yellowing of your dress shirts after a couple of intensive sweating sessions. The worst thing about these stains is that they are difficult to wash away no matter how hard you work at it.


Which Deodorant to Use to Avoid Yellow Stains

Most people believe that sweat stinks. Actually, sweat is odourless. It only starts smelling bad when it reacts with bacteria on your skin. These bacteria metabolize protein and fatty acids and react with sweat, which contains protein, to release an unpleasant smell.

Deodorants and antiperspirants work to combat the smell through different ways. Antiperspirants contain aluminium whose work is to block the pores so that the bacteria living on the skin do not metabolize the sweat and release the odour. The work of antiperspirants is to cause the sweat to dry out. This often causes irritation for those who have sensitive skin.  In addition to this, aluminium has connections to various diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. This is an area of concern for those who sweat profusely as they have to use the product but might also be exposed to these diseases. On the other hand, deodorants kill the bacteria living on the particular area where you apply it so as to eliminate the smell. It is better to use deodorants as opposed to the antiperspirants. Some of the best deodorants include the natural ones from Native and Arm and Hammer Essentials. Others that people swear by include Old Spice High Endurance, Herban Cowboy Dusk and Old Spice Red Zone.

If you are looking to get a product that combats the smell from excessive sweating as well as avoids formation of the yellow stains, then you can try out Klima Hyperdri Antiperspirant Serum. It is the first aluminium-free antiperspirant in the world. There are numerous positive online reviews which is a good sign. We have not tried it ourselves yet. According to the site, you only have to use the product daily for one week and you will sweat less. You also need to use it daily for four weeks in order to get full protection.

Stopping Yellow Pit Stains With The Best Undershirt

Armpit stains can put a damper on your life. If you are in the corporate world or in business, this is even worse. These pit stains can reduce the confidence that clients, your boss and your co-workers have in you. They are unsightly and distracting. They also cost you a lot of money since you have to throw away your favourite dress shirts and other items of clothing since you cannot wear them again thanks to these pit stains. Additionally, you might have to consider how fast these stains wear out your shirts and clothes since you have to apply extra effort washing them which leads to wear and tear.

NGwear sweat proof shirts are manufactured using micro modal which is the best material when it comes to combating sweat. The tees have an innovative technology that traps the sweat and releases the vapour so there are no more yellow stains on your shirts. These tees empower you to wear deodorant and avoid antiperspirants which not only irritate the skin but also have aluminium which can be harmful to one’s health in the long run.

Common Types of Sweating Problems

Common Types of Sweating Problems

Have you ever known that…..?

  • A average human body has sweat glands that are between 2 and 4 million
  • The normal human being sweats about 278 gallons annually
  • Excessive sweating, referred to as hyperhidrosis is common in 3% of the world’s population
  • Hypohidrosis or anihidrosis which is the opposite of hyperhidrosis is a condition where people cannot sweat
  • Women perspire 40% less than men do
  • Sweat events are common and at least 35% of people have this event at least once weekly
  • Sweat does not have an odour
  • Yellow clothes stains are caused by aluminium in antiperspirants


How Has Sweating Evolved?

Human beings are the sweatiest animals on the planet yet are the most sophisticated at the same time: a peculiar situation. This is the case because early humans used to run lengthy distances under the scorching equatorial sun which meant that they were hot. To cool off, the human body developed more sweat glands to perspire and help cool off the brain especially. The sweat glands growth helped the human brain to become what it is today. It can even be said that our ability to sweat is the reason we have grown and developed brains.

Sweating is also present when one is under stress. The body has a fight-or-flight mechanism which when triggered by different stimuli leads to increased blood pressure, heart rate and bodily temperature which then causes sweating.The smell of sweat as a result of stress can also act as a way to alert others to danger. It does not smell like exercise sweat and was present in the early days as a way to warn others of predators since there was no other way of communicating.



Some Well-Known Types of Sweating Problems

Sweating is normal. It is rather obvious that if you are in high heat, going about your day or even working out intensely, you will definitely sweat to cool off. However, sweating can be excessive and signal a medical condition which is known as generalized or primary hyperhidrosis.

Primary hyperhidrosis is sweating in the excess of what is physiologically necessary. It can occur in areas such as the armpits, face, head, hands, feet or torso and usually does not have a causative agent. However, secondary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating across the body but it is usually caused by a stimulus such as stress, anxiety, medical conditions and medication.

Some more widely-spread sweating problems include:

Hot Flashes: This is common in women above a certain age. It refers to bouts of spikes in bodily temperature due to hormonal changes and is associated with menopause.

Night Sweats: This is caused by illness or a fever and is the body’s response to high temperature so as to cool you down. It also occurs in menopause.


Why Do People Sweat Differently?

People sweat in different areas of the body and in various degrees. This can be partly attributed to genetics. Additionally, the area where you sweat most might show that your sweat glands are more concentrated in that area than in another. Furthermore, the first part of your body that is first to sweat probably has glands that respond quickest to the signals from your brain.

Your body’s sweat glands serve different purposes. There are two types of these glands:

Eccrine glands: These produce odourless sweat as it is only composed of salt and water. They are located in the palms, feet, forehead and the armpits. These glands respond to the brain’s signal when you are hot. They release sweat so that as it evaporates your body will cool down.

Apocrine glands: These sweat glands are specifically activated when you are under stress. They develop in puberty since they end in hair follicles as opposed to pores. They secrete a milky substance that is odourless but once it mixes with bacteria on the skin it smells bad.