Best Options to Reduce Sweat

Best Options to Reduce Sweat

Sweating is one of the most common problems with people all around the world. It is important, as the body cools itself by sweat. It also protects the vital organs in our body. But, sweating can certainly lead you to some of the very awkward moment. It can lower your confidence most of the time. Imagine giving an interview with a completely sweaty look, unacceptable, right? We have sorted a list of things that can help you reduce your sweat.

But, in spite of all the options below, you could still consider sweat-proof undershirts over anything. These are specifically designed to add a layer of protection to your clothes.


This is the most common way to reduce sweat. Antiperspirants are considered as the safest way to reduce the issue of excessive sweating. Also, deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things, so do not confuse between the two. Deodorant keeps the bad body odor away; antiperspirant blocks the sweat ducts which ultimately reduces the sweat.

Antiperspirants are aluminum based, so, if you are allergic to aluminum, you must avoid these. Although, you still have a lot of other options open to reduce your sweat.

It is really important to apply antiperspirants correctly. The improper application will not make the antiperspirant work effectively.

  • Make sure that you are applying your antiperspirant on a clean and dry surface.
  • Consider applying it at night, as people are less active during this hour of the day. An antiperspirant needs time to block the sweat glands.
  • A clean armpit will have much better results as antiperspirants require direct contact to the skin.

Sweat Shield

Sweat shields are nothing. They have been a part of clothing for a very long time, but it is not so popular. Sweat shield saves you from the uncomfortable underarm sweat stains. These are cotton pads which are placed in your underarm region. It absorbs the excess sweat and makes you look presentable.  

Some of the clothes come with pre-installed sweat shield, generally in the clothes that are meant for athletes.


If you are looking for some permanent solution for your problem, miraDry can be a great option. It is a medical treatment for people who have an excessive sweating problem. During the procedure, microwave energy is used. This energy destroys the sweat glands permanently. So, you ultimately get a sweat-free underarm and a life without antiperspirant. Since it is a medical procedure, you might feel a slight discomfort.


We are very much aware of the word Botox. It is used over the face to remove fine line or wrinkles. It is an extremely effective procedure to wave off sweat permanently. The toxin present in Botox treatment obstruct the activities of your sweat glands. So, if you have had hyperhidrosis, Botox treatment is your go-to solution.

Eat Right

Your food can make a huge difference. It is really important to eat the right food to control your sweating. Eating food that is way too spicy can make you sweat excessively. Also, try staying as hydrated as you can because water will help in keeping the body cool.

Dress Accordingly

Few colors will help you hide those sweat patches. So, if you do not have sweat shield or sweat-proof undershirts, choose an appropriate color of the dress. Do not go for lighter shades as they highlight the sweaty region. Wear something light and breathable; this will help your body to maintain the coolness.

Don’t Stress About Your Sweat

Stressing about sweat can make the condition worse. Stress makes you sweat, and if you stress about sweat, you will sweat even more. So, stay calm and don’t obsess about your sweating condition, it is a normal thing and can be cured easily.

Meditate and Exercise

This is an absolute time taking the remedy, but it is very effective. Deep breathing is highly recommended by a scientist for people who have an excessive sweating problem. It can help to reduce the sweat by lowering the rate of the actions of sweat glands. Relaxing for a few minutes every day can be of great help for people with hyperhidrosis.

What to Wear to An Interview?

What to Wear to An Interview?

Making a great first impression in your job interview is significant. Your appearance indeed decides whether you will get the job or not. So, even if you give the best answers, you could get rejected because of the appearance. This article will help you select your interview apparels appropriately.

Consider the Type of Business

Dressing according to the business is imperative. So, try choosing apparel that is somewhere suiting the position you are interviewing for. This plays with the mindset of the hiring manager, and it makes them image you as a part of their team. You must decide your clothes keeping in mind the industry you are trying to enter. Every industry has a specific recommendation regarding clothes. So, if you are going for an interview with a legal firm or corporate organization, prefer wearing business formals. You may consider wearing business casuals in case you have an interview with a government agency or any retail business. An undershirt can help you in your interviews, it makes you much more presentable and establishes a strong impression. A little research about the industry and the company will help you in making better choices.

Do Not Over Do

To look appropriate for the job, we often end up overdoing ourselves. Your primary focus should not be your appearance but your degree. So, make sure you look polished for an interview, rather than looking like you are here to attend a party. Do not load yourself with accessories, keep things simple and classy. Comb your hair properly and trim your beard.

Pay Attention to Your Clothes

Do not arrive for the interview with wrinkles clothes; this leaves a bad impression. Make your clothes interview a day before the interview. Also, ensure that your clothes do not have any ink or food stain. Another important thing is, avoid wearing clothes that do not fit you nicely. A slim fitting attire can help you establish a better impression. Also, keep your perfume aside, showering your body with perfume is not needed. If you have a tattoo anywhere in your body, try covering it up before the interview.

However, you can have a short dress rehearsal before to ensure that you look perfect for the interview. This will make you eliminate everything that doesn’t suit you.

Don’t Stress

Combating stress is important. Stress can severely damage your interview. One of the major why you need to stay calm in the interview is because stress causes sweat. Sweating can hamper your entire appearance. You can anyway consider an undershirt for an extra layer of protection. Undershirts will help you maintain the decent look. Also, if you have hyperhidrosis, then you must wear a sweat-proof undershirt below your clothes.

You need to overcome stress because, apart from just being unpresentable, you would not be able to answer correctly. Stress makes you look under-confident, and the employer might have to give a second thought before selecting you.

By keeping all of these points in your mind, you can surely excel in your interview.

Why Should You Say Yes to Undershirts?

Why Should You Say Yes to Undershirts?

Undershirts are one of the most useful inventions ever made. It is one of those garments that is hardly visible but still can break or make an outfit. Undershirts are of huge importance when comes to the fitting of an outfit. Nowadays, undershirts have become more of a trend than necessity. Undershirts have been a part of the world for a very long time, approximately from our grandfather’s time. People used to count undershirts into their list of outfit essentials. Your undershirt look truly depends on how you style. But, men these days are confused about wearing an undershirt. Reading this article might solve all or some of your confusions.

What is an Undershirt?

Undershirts are worn inside our clothing because they are certainly not meant to be seen. It is generally worn under sheer clothes by both men and women. These shirts help men to hide their chest hair. Sweat-proof undershirts also help people who have a problem with excessive sweating. It helps them hide the sweat patches that pop up in their outfits.

A good undershirt has the following characteristics:

  • It should be body sticking.
  • It should also be stretchable enough to hide within you sheer clothes.
  • A perfect undershirt should be light in weight. A heavy undershirt will give a bulgy impression on the outside.

Should you wear an undershirt?

An undershirt hides your deodorant marks and sweat stains on the clothes you wear above it. An undershirt makes you much more presentable by enhancing the fitting of your clothes. It helps you in hiding your nipples and chest hair. These are an absolute must-have for all the office going people. Undershirts also increase the life of your clothes and suits. Since undershirts minimize sweat stains, clothes remain cleaner. So rather than washing your clothes after every single time you wear, you might wash it after 2 or 3 wears. You might want to avoid wearing an undershirt in July, because of the scorching heat. Otherwise, undershirts are go-to options for every month and all types of clothes.

History of Undershirts

Undershirts were mostly used by people in the army. Ancient Roman soldiers wore undershirts to protect their uniform. Since the uniform was mostly handmade and irreplaceable, they preferred adding an extra layer inside to protect it. Coming towards a much recent example, US Coast Guards and Navy soldier wear an undershirt to protect their uniform from sweat. These sweat-proof undershirts are still an important part of the military uniform.

Types of Undershirts

Various types of men’s undershirt are available. One might choose the option that best suits their clothing. Here are some of the common types of undershirt:

  • Tank Top

Tank tops are sleeveless. These undershirts help in partially hiding the chest hair and nipples. These are not at all sweat proof. One must avoid wearing this to the office or any formal meeting.

  • V-neck

A V-neck undershirt is the most comfortable option. It helps in hiding your chest hair completely and nipples. Some of the V-necks are sweat-proof. You can certainly keep the top button of your shirt open, as it does not show up.

  • Crew neck

The most common term for these undershirts is T-shirts. These undershirts are best at times when you plan to wear a tie. The lines of the T-shirt are no visible in a fully buttoned shirt. These shirts hide your chest hair, nipples, and sweat stains completely.

  • Long sleeved undershirts

These undershirts are mainly worn during the winter season. It is commonly referred to as a thermal. These undershirts are generally worn to stay warm during the day.

Undershirts come under various colors. Black, white, grey and skin color undershirts are the most common color. But, you must always wear an undershirt that matches your actual skin tone. If you do not get undershirt for your skin tone, go for something that suits the color of your clothes.

If you are looking for an undershirt that is 100% sweat-proof, NG wear is your go-to place. NG wear is the only company in India that sells sweat proof undershirts. These undershirts are highly durable and help you become more confident in yourself. If you liked this article, check out The Purpose of Wearing Undershirts.

The purpose of wearing undershirts

The purpose of wearing undershirts

When one talks of comfort and fashion, an undershirt undeniably makes an appearance. An undershirt is a standard piece of clothing that can be in the closets of men all around the globe. So purpose does an undershirt serve, anyway?

Providing concealment under sheer materials:

On the top reasons why people go, or undershorts over their apparels is its ability to provide an opaque layer underneath their sheer or lightly colored clothing. For men especially, when wearing light shirts, it helps conceal sweat patches and their chest hair from being visible. Undershirts help you from being self-conscious about the skin you might show.

To cover up those pecs:

Yes, we’re talking summertime and sweaty skins here. It is quite common and logical for men to wear casual button downs and open-collared shirts on a warm summer day. In these cases, undershirts provide modesty. While open collars and button downs are casual outfits not quite suited for work, adding an undershirt provides a professional and groomed touch.

Absorb sweat:

Sweat stain can be embarrassing, especially on light colored shirts. They give off a messy and disheveled appearance that no guy wants to sport. After all, no guy would want to meet with a client or a date with sweat underarm patches now, do they? Half sleeved undershirts are designed especially to stop that from happening. Some of them are designed to go one step further and even absorb the sweat and prevent it from seeping through your outerwear, thus keeping it dry and clean.

To present a smooth, pleasant appearance:

Now, nobody wants to flaunt their bumps and lumps while they are out and about. Dealing with the dreaded muffin top is a daily battle for many a man. Undershirts can work their magic by providing a second layer of clothing that hides those ridges and curves presenting a smooth and uniform appearance from the outside. They are particularly helpful while wearing tuxedos and business suits, giving the wearer a sleek structure and form.

To improve comfort:

Finally, most people wear undershirts so that they can be quite comfortable regardless of what they’re wearing on the outside. Some people often despise the constant chafing of buttons and certain fabrics against their skin. Undershirts are a soft and welcome respite from those itchy and stiff materials. It provides them with a layer of comfort that allows them to flaunt their fashions with zero self-doubts.

Undershirts have been a regular apparel choice for many and have been around for more than a century, what with the army and navy using them as flexible and comfortable clothing upon which they could strap their suits and gears. In modern times though, undershirts have become a popular fashion go to for those willing to try new looks and outfits without being self-conscious and comfortable at the same time. Whether it be to avoid sweat stains, camouflage or comfort there’s no refuting an undershirts importance in everyday wear.  If you liked this article, Check how to keep cool in office.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Sweatproof Undershirts?

What Is The Advantage Of Using Sweatproof Undershirts?

If you are a person who has to deal with excessive sweating all day long, then this is definitely for you. Have you gone through every little way to deal with your agonizing sweating habit and nothing has worked perfectly for the same? You worry all day long thinking about someone spotting your sweat stains and it ruins your whole day. And you might end up sweating a lot more just by stressing about it. So, basically, your excessive sweating habit has you cornered from everywhere. But fret not, we are here to help you out in the best possible way so you don’t have to stress about sweating anymore. Read along to find out all about how using Sweat Proof Undershirts can do wonders for you and your overall look that you want to flaunt out without having to worry about your sweat ruining it. Sweat proof undershirts are really effective in keeping your sweat at bay.


Excessive sweat absorbing mechanism

The first thing to point out is to clear out the fact that even a premium sweat proof undershirt costs a lot less as compared to any usual undershirt that you might be using. Even though you have been used to the same old conventional undershirts your whole life, you should come test this new avenue of hope to deal with your sweat in the perfect way. With their high-quality and effective sweat absorbing mechanism, you can readily flaunt out and wear any kind of clothing you want to, of any color and design and not worry about excessively sweating.

There are several benefits of using a anti-sweat undershirt. As compared to traditional undershirts, there are a lot of positive sides to opting for an undershirt that is completely sweat proof.

Boost in confidence

The primary advantage stands to be the boost in confidence that you gain. Given that you won’t have to deal with the annoying yellow stains around your underarms anymore. You can go about your day without worrying about a big sweat patch haunting you. The gain in confidence can help you lower your overall stress for sweating for any big meeting or even a date, or any event or performance. You can be your true authentic self without having to worry about excessively sweating. And this advantage does not call for any value as the benefit it provides is just priceless. So, a small investment in buying an anti sweat undershirt would be the perfect option for you.


No sweat marks

You can save a lot on your outer clothing options because you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes with yellow stains anymore. You can readily avoid any sweat marks and stains as the sweat proof undershirt protect your clothes and prevent your sweat from messing up with your look. You don’t have to throw out your favorite white shirt and can confidently wear your favorite shirts without a worry.


Say no to yellow stains!

If you opt for a normal undershirt, then you might have to deal with those ugly yellow stains that ruin your life and end up costing you a lot more given that you have to buy more clothes to adjust. A sweat proof undershirt comes as the best option to deal with your excessive sweat for any purpose. This way, you can keep wearing your favorite shirt and you don’t even have to worry about it getting damaged by any yellow stains. You can readily increase your outer cloth’s shelf life up to two times using the anti sweat undershirt. With the other advantages listed, these undershirts can help you save a lot in the long run and hence are very cost-effective as compared to traditional undershirts. You can start to feel comfortable and be confident wherever you go.

Check out NGwear’s sweatproof undershirt to get your hands on the best quality of undershirts that could save you from the wrath of your sweating habit. You can have a great day ahead with these comfortable wears which offer so many benefits that could lift your confidence with your favorite shirts and are a lot cheaper to get your hands on. Have a read on how to deal with armpit stains and their removal remedies.

What Are The Various Side Effects Of Hyperhidrosis Surgery That You Should Prepare For?

What Are The Various Side Effects Of Hyperhidrosis Surgery That You Should Prepare For?

If you are a person who sweats excessively and are looking for ways and remedies to fix the problem, then hyperhidrosis surgery might be the answer. But this surgery comes with many side effects that you should be aware of. The surgery comprises a procedure called the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), which can solve excessive sweating issues.


The dagnosis

The first step is to diagnose the problem of excessive sweating, this is termed as cranial hyperhidrosis. It could be cranial hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating on the head. Excessive sweating can lead to cause many problems, starting from general self-confidence issues to how to handle the excessive sweat at all times. And in this condition, how much ever the person tries to exercise or stay healthy, it doesn’t help. Sometimes, this issue could be misdiagnosed as an anxiety issue. And the remedies to that doesn’t work for the excessive sweating problem.


The many side effects of the surgery

The doctors usually warn the patients about one rare side effect, that is the Horner’s syndrome. This can cause the patient’s eyelids to droop while simultaneously shrinking the pupils. But doctors might skip over some other major side effects that the patient has to bear.


Phantom Sweating

There might be cases when the patient feels like they are sweating but they are actually not. This can be a very strange and concerning condition to live with.


Compensatory sweating

Even though the surgery might come as a relief for eliminating excessive head sweating, but it might transfer into another part of your body. This is your body compensating for not being able to sweat in the particular area that has been treated by the surgery. Thus, the volume of the sweat does not change but the place changes. Patient’s have reported sweating from the chest after going through the surgery. The doctor’s then report that the condition might be due to compensatory sweating, which is one of the most common side effects following the surgery. There is not much information available for the different kinds of side effects of this surgery, which might be concerning for some patients.


Sweating medications that could make everything even worse

Following the diagnose of the side effect condition of the compensatory sweating, the doctor might give the patient a prescription to combat the sweating. The doctor might give a lot of medications one after one to make do and fight against the excessive sweating condition. Some of the medications include:

Ditropan XL:

This is an oral medicine which is mostly used to treat people who have an overactive bladder. The medication helps by drying up your body and hence, could be useful for hyperhidrosis. There might be several side effects to this medication as well. It can affect the daily-working of the patient taking it. It can take a physical toll on the body causing many sensitive reactions.



Following the Ditropan, doctors might prescribe Drysol. This is known to be the king of all the medications for hyperhidrosis. This can be massaged on the torso at night before sleeping. The aluminum chloride present in the medicine helps to deal with the condition. But the smell can be really irritating and the aluminum exposure can link to cancer as well. So, this is not really the best way of treatment. In the morning, the patient has to make sure that they apply baking soda onto the affected area so that the aluminum does not do any harm. At times, this can lead to a bad rash as well. So beware before you use any of these medications.


The verdict of the Hyperhidrosis Surgery:

You should be aware of the many bad side effects of the surgery, which could be worse than the actual condition. Before you go under the knife, make sure that you are ready to face all the terrible side effects and conditions.

Check out some great ways to combat excessive sweating, surf through NGwear’s collection of anti sweat undershirts. These can be really helpful in fighting against your sweat and provide you with a comfort wear all day long. There are many sweating problems which people face but shy away to admit so.