You can find here some of the most frequent questions we have had about NGwear products. If you can’t find an answer for your question, then feel free to get in touch through the contact us page.

Where and when can I wear the undershirt ?

You can wear these undershirts anywhere and under anything you choose: dress shirts, t-shirts or even casual shirts. They are effective and will not show. The slim fit makes the undershirt like a second layer of skin where the shirts just glide over. They are also long enough to stay tucked in.
We recognize that you can break into a sweat anywhere and anytime and you will need a good undershirt to come to your rescue. For those who suffer from excess sweating, these undershirts also come in handy in day-to-day usage. You can don this undershirt for different occasions:

  • During an interview
  • During a business meeting
  • When pitching or marketing a product to a potential client
  • On dates
  • At the gym
  • In school
  • At your wedding

It all depends on whether you want that extra layer of protection.

How does the NGwear sweat proof undershirt work?

This undershirt uses advanced technology to deliver the desired results. First it is made of micro modal fabric which is 50% more adsorbent than cotton which is commonly used in other undershirts. 5% Spandex is also incorporated to give the undershirt a unique design as well as stretching it so you can get the perfect fit. This fabric is the best to use since it is the preferred choice when it comes to inner wear for both men and women. Furthermore, it is extremely soft and does not cause irritation. It is extremely comfortable.
Secondly, these fibers are then permanently bound to silver which works to regulate your body temperature. Whenever you feel hot, the silver absorbs the heat. It also keeps you warm when it is cold. Thirdly, the silver also counteracts bacteria to get rid of the odor that comes with sweat. The bacteria are unable to increase in number through multiplication once they come into contact with silver.

Finally, each one of these unique undershirts also has an inner waterproof layer that helps to prevent sweat stains on your outer garment. When you sweat, the inner layer, serving the armpits, back and chest, provides a layer of protection so that the sweat does not penetrate through and onto your shirts although you still feel damp inside. This inner layer does all these while still maintaining optimum airflow.

What makes it any different from other undershirts ?

These undershirts are the best because they achieve exactly what they are made to. Unlike other undershirts, they prevent sweat stains on your dress shirt or other outer garments.  They are able to achieve all this while still providing comfort and a slim fit that makes the undershirt unnoticeable. In addition to all this, you get to eliminate bad odor without having to douse yourself with chemical-ridden colognes.

How do I take care of my NGwear undershirt?

Taking care of your undershirt will determine how long it lasts. While it is made from durable material that can withstand many washes without aging or fading, you need to learn how to properly take care of your undershirt.


First, turn the undershirt inside out before you begin washing it. Secondly, ensure that you use cold water to wash the shirt. Use your regular detergent and stain remover while steering away from bleach and other harsh cleaning agents. Avoid hot water and high temperatures as it will ruin your undershirt.

Thirdly, ensure that you put the washing machine on low cycle. You do not want to crumple up, stretch or damage your undershirt by using higher settings. The undershirt needs you to be gentle. Proceed to hang your undershirt for drying. Do not use the dryer unless it is no low heat since heat will damage it. If possible, use a horizontal rack instead of a vertical one to ensure that your undershirt does not stretch out.

Finally, avoid ironing the undershirt as the high heat will damage the waterproof layer rendering your undershirt useless.

What are the advantages of Slim Fit undershirt?

Slim Fit enables the undershirt to be more discreet whenever you wear it.  For those who prefer loser undershirt, we recommend you buy one size bigger. But if you like body fit to give a nicer and sharper look then buy according to your size. Whichever one you buy, we guarantee that you will get a premium quality undershirt. You can go through our website to get the full guide on how to choose the right NGwear style and size.

Do you guarantee that your undershirts are truly sweat proof?

Of course we do as it is 100% sweat proof. It blocks sweat completely. We are reputed for producing a great design that makes use of sweat-proof material that is clinically tested to prevent moisture from passing through. NGwear undershirt doesn’t lose effectiveness overtime and blocks 100% sweat stains even after many washes.

What is the difference between the sweat proof underarm barrier and the sweat pads?

It is a known fact that sweat pads do not absorb all sweat and allow moisture to evaporate. What this means is that sweat will cause the sweat pads to lose its stickiness and thus become heavy as the day goes by. However, NGwear’s sweat proof underarm barrier is the only patented technology that has been tested and confirmed to absorb sweat completely. It works by absorbing and releasing sweat to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation, making sweat not to stain your outer shirt. In addition, unlike sweat pad that needs adjusting after a particular period, NGwear’s sweat proof underarm barrier does not need adjusting.

Can I machine-wash my undershirt?

Sure. You can wash the NGwear undershirt in a washing machine, either warm or cold water won’t cause any harm to the shirt. Similarly, you can also dry our shirt in a low or medium heat source. However, we recommend that you should turn the shirt inside out to properly clean and dry the fabric that is exposed to the body. You can hang it in a line for maximum sun drying. Please, try as much as possible to avoid the use of bleach, non-chlorine bleach, bleach alternatives, or any bleaching byproduct, so that it won’t compromise our sweat proof technology. Dry cleaning can also compromise the sweat proof technology, so it is advisable NOT to dry clean our undershirts. Furthermore, the enormous heat from the electric iron can compromise the sweat proof technology, therefore, do not iron the undershirts. Please check the label at the neck of the shirt.

NGwear is starting to smell. What should I do?
There is no sweat that does not smell. However, for you to prevent odor from your shirt, turn the shirt inside out when washing and drying. This will ensure that the part that is exposed to your body is properly washed and dried. Also, before washing, you can also preheat the shirt at the underarm region (that part that normally touches your skin) by applying non-bleaching agent. In addition, to lessen the odor, you can use “hot” water to wash the shirt periodically. For tough odor, make use of distilled white vinegar when pre heating the underarm region. The vinegar smell will stop after sometime.
After Laundering, will the NGwear undershirt shrink?
When you compare our undershirt to the traditional undershirt, the level of shrinkage is not the same. The anticipated shrinkage of our undershirt has already been factored into its designed. It will shrink a bit; however, it will be to the designated size available on our size chart. For our slim fit undershirt, 95% premium micro modal and 5% of spandex is used, meaning the shrinkage level will be around 8%, compared to the 15% of the traditional undershirt.
Can I wear immediately after purchasing it?
We advise that all our undershirts should be properly washed before wearing them. Washing will tighten the undergarment’s fibers and that makes it comfortable for your usage. Our undershirts are made of the high quality ultra-soft material, which will give maximum comfort during usage.
Can I sleep overnight wearing the undershirt?

We do not advice to sleep with NGwear’s undershirt overnight. This is because underarm sweat won’t be an issue when you are sleeping. Our undershirts are meant to absorb sweat, so there is no point wearing it to bed. It is important to maximize the usage of the shirt so that it will retain its quality for a long time.

What is the technology used in NGwear sweat proof undershirts?

NGwear’s undershirts are designed to create air pockets with a view to facilitating reverse osmosis. This process will cause your sweat to be released as vapor and then make you dry and cool.

What is the underarm barrier made of?

NGwear’s undershirt is made of a looped knit fabric that absorbs sweat. Ultra-thin film is also used to prevent the sweat from leaking to your outer shirt.

How is NGwear different from wearing any other undershirt under my dress shirt?

At NGwear, we guarantee that our undershirt will completely absorb all your sweat even during hot summers.

I sweat profusely. Will NGwear benefit me?

Our undershirt works even for the ones who sweat profusely (hyperhidrosis sufferers). Our product is so good that we also offer 100% money back guarantee if in case you aren’t 100% satisfied with it. 

What neckline options does NGwear offer?

Our products come in deep V-neck, crewneck, and V-neck necklines.

Is it easy to tuck in NGwear sweat proof undershirt?
Our undershirt is designed in such a way that once tucked in; it won’t bunch. It also gives a smarter look to the outer shirt.
Are your customers satisfied with your undershirts?

Our reviews and testimonies are there to speak for us!

Will I be hot or gross whenever I wear NGwear undershirt?
No! You won’t feel hot or gross. Once the undershirt absorbs your sweat, the underarm layer will absorb the sweat and it will be released as vapor into the atmosphere, thereby making you dry all day.
Is it true to say that NGwear is a natural solution to profuse underarm sweating?

Yes! 100%. NGwear is made with a micro modal which is 50% more aborbant than cotton. Our products last longer than a traditional under garment.


Why do we sweat?
So many decades ago, early humans had the strength to run long distances without getting tired. However, for them to survive,they developed some numbers of sweat glands. These sweat glands caused an increase in the size of the brain. You can read more about the question by checking our blog.
What are the common types of sweating problems?

All people normally sweat; however, sweating can also be as a result of the medical condition. The primary type of sweating is when someone sweats from a particular region in his/her body, say feet, armpits or hands. The secondary hyperhidrosis is a type of sweating that occurs when an individual sweat from all parts of the body.


Unlike the primary sweat type, the second type is as a result of the side effect of a particular medical condition. Apart from these two, there are other sweating problems such as situational and night sweat.  If you want to learn more about the types of sweating, check our blog.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis can be described as a sweat that is beyond the control of body temperature. Those that suffer from this condition are more often affected psychologically, emotionally and socially. Hyperhidrosis doesn’t consider age. What this means is that even kids can develop this condition. In fact, for a lot of people, this condition started when they were kids or teens. The climatic condition of where you live has nothing to do with Hyperhidrosis.

How do I know if I have excessive underarm sweating?
Those that are suffering from excessive underarm sweating normally sweat profusely under their armpit without any notice. More often than not, they sweat throughout the day, even if they are seated in an air-conditioned room. It is pertinent to know that this condition is genetic, therefore if any member of your family is a victim of this condition, bear it in mind that the possibility of you having axillary hyperhidrosis is high.

Given the above, you should be able to determine if you have excessive underarm sweating. You can also refer to our blog to read more information.

What are the solutions to Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Presently, there is no solution to excessive sweating; however, there are some remedies to reduce its effect. One of the solutions is the use of heavy duty antiperspirants. It is worthy of mentioning that this solution may not work for some people.

Sadly, many of the solutions in the market are not tested, expensive and invasive. Some solutions may even involve underarm surgery, BOTOX as well as laser treatments. It is important you consult a dermatologist before attempting any of the solutions. The dermatologist will advise you appropriately. However, use of sweat proof undershirts is totally safe.

What can I do to stop stress sweating or nervous sweating?
Stress and nerves are what most people pass through despite their confidence level. Sweat is the byproduct of stress and nervousness. It is not uncommon for you to sweat when you are worrying about upcoming events. The solution to this problem is to wear NG Wear undershirt. You can check our blog for more information regarding stress and nervous sweating.
What are the best undershirts or materials for sweat?

We all sweat, although depending on several reasons. Whether your sweat is due to physical activity, stress or boardroom, you need NGwear sweat proof undershirt to come to your aid. Our products will handle the excessive sweating. To learn more about the type of shirt that will be suitable for you, you can check our product page to explore the various shirts there.

What causes yellow stains and how can I prevent them?
The yellow stains in your underarm area are due to excessive sweating. These two work together. However, sweating may not be the cause of yellowing. Aluminum in your antiperspirant may be the major cause of yellowing.

As soon as these compounds combine and react with the bacteria on your skin, they immediately develop into the yellowing you observe on your underarm. This yellow stain can ruin your shirts. The solution to the yellowing is to change from antiperspirant and start using deodorants. To get more tips on how to tackle this issue head long, you can check our blog.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any concerns, questions or questions, feel free to contact us. We will not hesitate to answer your questions and provide further clarification. We aim to provide you with the best service as you think of buying your undershirt and even after you get one.