The climate in India is really diverse and intense. Around summer, it gets very troublesome in certain areas. It starts getting sweaty and annoying even if you are doing simple everyday tasks. You might begin to feel suffocated if you don’t wear light clothes. Your clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for you go about your day with ease. NGwear is India’s first sweat proof propagator for men’s sweat proof undershirts.

Our look and our clothing depend on each other for setting up our mood. The more confident you feel about your look, the more confident you will be. Enhance your look by adding a few stylish suggestions:


1.Under a shirt

Use this perfect fabric as the choice for your inner shirt. Everyday work situations and running around may require you do appear before others. It is more appealing if you don’t have to deal with pit stains

2. Under a sweater

These are the garments you should use while putting on sweaters or thick shirts. It is sweat-strain prone and breathable.

3. With a blazer

You can protect your blazer from pit stains. You can wear an NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt with your blazer. This completes a comfortable and professional look.

4. With a suit

There might be situations that demand you to be in a suit. This may force you into situations of excessive sweating. It can be nerve-wracking and a hindrance in everyday life. Using this inner shirt keeps you dry and pushes you to concentrate on your business.

5. Under a flannel or button down

This accounts for a cool inner shirt that can be shown off in style. This look keeps you stylish and in a pleasant mood. You can complete this look with a beanie, sneakers, boots, etc. to feel warm and chic.

6. With Jeans and a light jacket or sweater

When you are heading out for a casual get-together with friends, a jacket and a pair of jeans is your go to. It is the quickest choice for most of us. Wear the NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt below that jacket and finish your look. The variety in options makes it a natural choice for comfort and fashion. You can be sporty and energetic with no worry throughout the day.

7. Under a deep neck shirt

A breezy summer day calls for deep-V necks. It is a sporty look for such occasions. Most of the inner shirts can’t be worn because they get seen. NGwear has a sweat-proof inner shirt which goes along with these shirts. This is the perfect outfit for a zealous day.

8. Under a tight-fitting shirt

Certain shirts stick to you and show off your body. It might be uncomfortable sometimes when you have to go around in them. Wear NGwear’s sweat-proof inner shirt to not worry about sweating. The thin and lightweight material won’t even spoil the look of a fitting shirt.

9. As stand-alone shirt

This NGwear inner shirt can be worn as an everyday shirt as the material isn’t see through. The barriers that make it sweat proof aren’t visible. The material is lightweight in an efficient manner. You can pick a black NG sweat proof tee if you want to avoid subtle stitching at the seams further.

10. With a turtleneck

Sometimes it is cold outside or stuffed at the place you are at. Such conditions could make you feel irritated because of sweatiness. You might get worried about sweat stains ruining your look. Adding a sweat-proof inner shirt makes it more easy and comfortable.

11. Underneath an open neck button down

Trends keep changing from time to time. Unbuttoning your jacket was fashionable at one point in time. This sweat-proof inner shirt from NG keeps your look up to date. You don’t have to compromise on using garments that will let you breathe. You can keep up feeling confident in your body.

NG wear undershirts are tailored to suit your needs. They contain perspiration and don’t let sweat ruin your look. The fabric it is made out of is perfect for many situations. It is super-absorbent and light, making it easy to wear. Make smart choices of not having to choose between comfort and style with NG wear.