Sweating is a necessary evil. It is unpleasant but healthy. It is your body’s means to cool you down. Lack of sweating can lead to overheating and cause an imbalance in the proper functioning of your body. When the body temperature rises, your skin perspires automatically and releases salty liquid to help you cool down. Perspiration is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which cannot be controlled consciously. Although emotions like anxiety, anger, nervousness, fear or embarrassment can cause you to sweat more.


But don’t be afraid to work up a good sweat as it is quite beneficial for your health. Sweating boosts Endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone during an intense workout or even while walking briskly. Stress hormones like Cortisol reduce after sweating. It detoxifies the body and flushes out the alcohol, toxins, cholesterol, and salt. Inducing perspiration through traditional or infrared ways is a good idea to get detoxified. The pores open when we sweat and release the toxins, thereby preventing pimples and blemishes. Sweating also promotes blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Sweating reduces the risk of kidney stones because it eliminates the salt and limits the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys. People who sweat more also tend to drink more water and fluids which in turn is a primary preventive measure for kidney stones. But we need to keep in mind that sweating causes us to lose essential electrolytes and fluid. In order to balance it out, we need to remember to stay hydrated. An excellent way to get those electrolytes in is to drink coconut water. You can also try making fruit water, which is, cutting fruits like strawberries, kiwi, etc and putting it into a bottle of water. By doing this, you not only incorporate the goodness of fruit but also make the process of staying hydrated fun.



However, sweating is not always good. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is often very unpleasant. Some people have an overactive cooling mechanism for the body. They typically sweat four to five times more than what can be considered normal. Uncontrollable sweating can cause a threat to the person’s quality of life even if it is not life-threatening. It can also indicate some major health issues and lead to embarrassing social situations. There are also a few sweat generating habits that you may want to avoid. Although sweating is very natural, nobody likes to look sweaty, have sweat stains or be around people with body odour. This is why we have products which minimize the appearance and smell of sweat, like deodorants, antiperspirants, sweat pads sweat proof clothing, etc. Body odour is yet another inconvenience. Sweat does not smell, but along with dead skin cells, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria breaking sweat down causes body odour.


A good way to keep sweating and body odour in check are to keep yourself squeaky clean. Wash away the sweat and dirt that causes bacteria to grow. Antibacterial soap helps in reducing body odour to a great extent. Look for the term “antibacterial” in the packaging. Keep your clothes clean, especially during summers and when you are sweating profusely. If you do experience foot odour, make sure to change those socks and change the insoles/ wash the shoes if they are washable. Deodorant powders come in very handy when you have foot odour. There are certain foods that make you sweat more like spicy food, garlic, onions, oily and fried food. It is advisable to cut off such foods from your diet if you have a sweating problem. Caffeine and alcohol also cause excessive sweating. A lack of sweat can also pose a danger. It could indicate a skin or nerve damage and also goes to show that the sweat glands are not working properly. This condition is called Hypohidrosis or Anhidrosis. This condition can also lead to a stroke.

All in all, sweating has its advantages and disadvantages. Excessive sweating is bad, as is the absolute lack thereof. Everyone sweats in their own way, and it’s advisable to maintain a certain level of hygiene. By remaining active, being hygienic, staying hydrated, you can reap the benefits of perspiring as well as save yourself from embarrassing situations.