With more and more businesses working hard to save money and cut costs anywhere they can, we are seeing a trend in the workplace to become more energy efficient. That means more LED lighting, better building insulation and less use of the heat and AC systems. These are all great ways to save energy and money, but it can leave employees feeling uncomfortably warm in the summer months as outside temperatures rise leaving the inside feeling warmer and warmer.

While there isn’t much we can do about the heat, we can take some steps to stay cool in the office. Some workers have turned to solar powered fans on their desks, while others push the limits of fashion and wear less and less. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much clothing we can wear to work, or anywhere for that matter, so we must become more innovative.


Some ways that you can maintain your body temperature and stay cool and dry all day long include:

Drink 8 glasses of cold water every day. The cold water will help lower your body temperature from the inside out and it will keep you hydrated. Avoid caffeinated drinks however as caffeine increases blood flow which can make you feel warmer.

Wash your wrists and hands with cold water. This will cool the veins that carry blood throughout your body and help to lower your body temperature. You can also keep a cold bottle of water at your desk and rub it against your wrists to cool off.

If you have long hair, wear it up. This will allow cooler air to reach your neck keeping you from sweating and being uncomfortable.

Avoid large lunches. When you eat a large meal, your body has to work hard to burn the excess calories and store the nutrients. Eating smaller meals and cold foods such as salads or sandwiches can help you keep your cool at work.

Wear cooler clothing. Light-colored, thin fabrics are best and looser fitting clothing can also help to keep your body temperature low.

There are some new and innovative clothing materials available that are breathable, flexible and odor neutralizing and can help keep you dry all day if you sweat a lot. To learn more about this new innovation, contact NG Wear today and experience clothing that lets you be more confident knowing that you won’t have sweaty armpits or stained shirts ever again.

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