What Our Customers say about NGwear

NGwear, best sweat proof undershirt in the market

Well, I don’t belong to the category that frequently writes product reviews after their usage. Your product has amazed me and helped to solve many problems and hence I am writing this review. It was beyond my imagination that a sweatproof undershirt could solve my problems of daily life.  The special undershirt is something different from other products available in the market and offers great quality comprised of adequate comfort and protection against sweat stains and excessive sweat. I would say it is the best sweatproof undershirt available at this price in the market.

Rohan Roy

Your product solved my problem, thank you

First, I want to say thank you to NGwear for making such a great product for the consumers.  The product has helped me solve my problem that had been affected my personal life for a long time.  I discovered my problem when I was just 13. I also discovered Axillary Hyperhidrosis was also affecting me in different ways. Profuse sweating resulted in sweat spots and bad smell that affected my career and personal life.  I have tried many products, but none of them worked as a waterproof barrier like this special undershirt.

Samir Chauhan

Best product, value for money

These sweat proof shirts have helped me solving the bitterest problem of my life like a miracle.  The product is excellent, it helps to prevent sweat completely, and it also prevents the sweat stains as well.  I can notice things are changing since I am wearing NGwear a sweatproof undershirt.  I used to work as a coordinator and it was a horrible experience when sweat shows up through my shirt while I am discussing something with the clients.  I have tried many products and even though of getting armpit botox as the last remedy.  I am more than satisfied to use this awesome product.

R. C. Das

A great solution for the problems of sweaty armpits

Sweatproof undershirt from NGwear is nothing but a game changer.  I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis for a long time.  It was difficult for me to wear light colored shirts without underarm sweat stains.  A few days back, I got to know about the product and decided to give it a try. I was amazed to see that my problem has gone with it. The V-neck Sweatproof undershirt works as it claims. I also doubted the capability of this product before purchasing, but my doubt was resolved after the first purchase.  I would recommend you all to try this for once.

Ajay Singha

Best product in the market, go for it

This sweat proof shirt is something that I was looking to buy. My problem of sweating through the shirts is completely gone since I’m using this. There is no more embarrassment caused by sweaty underarm in different shirts. A few days back, I went to my office party wearing a nice shirt and crisp trouser. I was worried about sweat showing up. But, surprisingly, NGwear saved the day. I am surely going to get more of these pieces and I will recommend this to every man.

Manoj Rao

Awesome experience, must-have item

Well, I don’t have the problems of hyperhidrosis. However, sweaty pits can sometimes become an issue of anxiety. The yellow stains in the armpit area are very disturbing.  It requires a wash after wearing it for 1 or 2 times.  One of my colleagues has suggested me to try this and I agreed.  The day I first wore it, I was amazed to witness its capability of preventing sweat. I went the entire day and night and I didn’t have to worry about sweats.  I was also surprised at how the odour was contained following a long day.  I’m not elaborating things but I had made my mind to buy another sweat proof shirt from NGwear.

Now, I would not have to worry about sweat stains and bad smell.  This product is very worthy and I would suggest everyone try this without thinking much.

K. Chauhan

Now I can wear as per I wish

I was suffering from hyperhidrosis for a long time. People, who suffer from this, know how pathetic it feels.  I couldn’t wear my favourite colours due to the problems of excessive sweating. Of late, I have known about sweat-proof undershirts from NGwear and purchased a pair.  I was completely blown away when I’ve received it for the first time.  I had to wear selective clothes as I couldn’t dress up as per my wish.  My favourite dresses have been ruined by the sweat marks.

I had to change my shirt after visiting my workplace. I had to carry an extra dress shirt every time.  It was frustrating that I couldn’t even wear my favourite dress shirt.  I have been blown away when I first tried the unique sweat-proof undershirts from NGwear.  It could be described as a game changer for many. People, who have been suffering from the problems of hyperhidrosis, must try this product. Earlier, I lacked confidence due to this reason, but now sweating marks don’t show, and I don’t care about sweating anymore. These unique sweatshirts have given me the freedom to carry my style anytime.

Karan Basu

Say bye bye to sweaty pits forever

Hello, I bought my first pair some days ago and I would like to give 5 stars to NGwear for bringing such a wonderful product for the consumers.  I work in the corporate sector and the problem of excessive sweating has ruined my life. Earlier, I had to face a lot of issues due to this problem.  It also affected my career, I felt like I had been rejected numerous times due to a dull appearance in the interviews.  Getting drenched with sweat was a daily problem.  The yellow stains and the white salt stains seemed like a major problem in my life.

Then one day, I came to know about India’s 1st and only sweat-proof undershirt made by NGwear.  It would be relevant to admit, earlier I have used several products to deal with my problem and I’m done with all those products.  I was hesitating to buy at first, but when I ordered and got my first V-neck sweat proof shirt it felt like that I won the lucky draw.  For the first time, I couldn’t believe myself that a garment could completely prevent your excessive sweating, but after trying these awesome sweatshirts, I am writing this review.

Bijoy Biwas

Changed my life

Ahead of discovering sweat proof undershirts from NGwear, it was like a daydream to get off excessive sweating during summers.  I was affected by hyperhidrosis for a long time and summer felt like a horrible dream.  The problem had affected me in different ways.  Wearing good clothes seemed like a problem and I’ve used to ignore wearing my favourite coloured-shirts due to this reason.

Then one of my friends suggested me to try the deep V-neck under shirt to get rid of the problem caused by excessive sweating.  At first, I didn’t believe him but decided to try.  Readers wouldn’t believe, it worked like a miracle.  It felt like the problem had gone.  I am more than satisfied to buy the sweatproof shirts.  It is very delightful that my problem has long gone and now I do not have to worry about wearing my favourite shirts anytime.

I don’t have expertise on garments however the quality of the product has amazed me.  I bet if you try, you will surely make out the differences at once. I hope my comment would help those buyers, who haven’t tried these sweatshirts and thinking to buy one in the future.

A. Roy

Forget sweat in hot summer

The special undershirt is awesome at this price.  You would not have to worry about sweaty underarm anymore.  It is more than amazing, I would say.  I would like to recommend this product to everyone suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Asish Pandey

Your reliable companion for a hectic day

Sweat proof shirts from NGwear could be described as the proof of excellence. I have bought a pair and soon, it became a reliable companion during the summer.

Shashank Pandit

Product as described

Nice product.  Products are very helpful to prevent excessive sweating

D. Mishra

NGwear sweat proof shirts- the job protector!

Being a corporate man is not as easy as it looks. Staying fit and looking fresh are some of the top priorities we have to maintain in this world. I was one of them in this company, who suffered a lot due to one simple reason. Excessive sweating; and this simple reason was about to ruin my professional career.

Despite spending most of the time inside the central air-conditioning system, I noticed several sweating stains across my shirt and had no idea how to get rid of this common problem. My clients and colleagues started avoiding me and I was getting less attention in the office room.

When I tried to find the root cause of the problem, I found that it was nothing but the sweating marks were behind the mess and I really had no idea about its solutions.

I shared my problem with one of my colleagues, who works outdoors. Soon after hearing about the issue, he recommended me the sweat proof undershirt made of micro modal by NGwear. As I had no option but to listen to him, I immediately bought it and tried it on the very next day.

The undershirt did not only prevent the armpit sweat from leaking but also absorbed the entire body sweat and showed no stain on my dress shirt. I still use the anti-sweat undershirt inside my formal. It is thin, soft and flexible for any body shape and size. Thanks a lot to NGwear for saving my professional career.

G. K. Gupta

It helped me to restore pride

No matter how hot the day is; you cannot change your uniform in every hour. This was how I had to deal with unwanted sweat stains in my high school days until I found sweat proof undershirt, a product of NGwear.

In summers, I had to suffer a lot from excessive sweat and unwanted stain marks on school uniform often made me uncomfortable and this product gave me the solution and confidence I was looking for.

V. K. Kapur

It helped me to perform better

As a professional golfer, I can say that I love sunlight and my hobby is to strike the white ball and put it to the hole. Apart from targeting the right hole, our job is to stay fit and look fresh and that is where NGwear has helped me a lot. Their highly efficient Sweat Proof under shirt has become my regular companion on the field.I wear it under my polo shirts.”

Sunil Kumar Verma

A reliable companion for all seasons

I am a sales executive at a multinational company. I used to do a lot of outdoor works that led to excessive sweating. The comfortable undershirt from NGwear helped me to stay fresh and energetic even after the working hours.

Sanket Rawat

Its worth it!

NGwear’s sweat proof undershirts provide guaranteed protection from unwanted wet marks

Prataap Chandra Narula

100% effective for stopping prolonged Hyperhidrosis

Since my teenage years, I have been battling with armpit sweat. The first day I got to discover this issue was when I wore a white t-shirt. After 10 minutes of wearing the white t-shirt, I saw some yellowing and sweat stains coming out from my underarm. I felt ashamed of myself and I lost confidence. I wasn’t able to interact with my friends that evening. In a bid to find a solution to this issue, I have tried all sorts of products to stop the effect of Hyperhidrosis; I even considered surgery, all to no avail. Then a day came, I met my childhood friend that had a similar issue at a colleague’s birthday party, I was amazed at the cleanliness of his shirt’s armpit region. I inquired how he got to solve this issue and he recommended NGwear to me. As soon as I got home, I wasted no time; I ordered your sweat proof undershirts to verify the claims of my friend. Upon delivery to my house, I started using it. I was shocked at its effectiveness. I no longer sweat profusely. On that note, I would like to recommend your products to whoever is suffering the effect of Hyperhidrosis. You have earned a customer for life. I would definitely order again. Thank you very much.

Dr. Reginald B.

I developed the confidence to secure my present job

Dear NGwear,

I really want to appreciate the good job you are doing. I leveraged on the confidence your special undershirt gave me to secure my present job. I have been dreaming of this job all my life. I was a bit skeptical when a friend of mine introduced your website to me; however, I decided to order the slim fit – crewneck to wear and attend the interview. Alas!, a week later I was called to come and pick my letter of appointment. Right now, I’m planning to order more once I receive my first paycheck. You have really helped me restore my confidence.

Engr Sharma J.

My profuse sweating has stopped

I’m a medical doctor and as a result of my excessive sweating, all my shirts started bringing out yellowy colour within my armpit region. However, since I ordered for your sweatproof undershirt and started using it, my profuse sweating doesn’t show through my shirt and also there are no yellow stains on my shirts. I will definitely order again, thank you very much.

M.V Pitava

This shirt works as claimed!

Guys, the deep V-neck prevents sweat to a great extent.

Rakesh Jain

The slim fit-crewneck has changed my life

I’m impressed with the slim fit – crewneck, it subdued the effect of Hyperhidrosis on me. It made me avoid taking invasive treatment and medications. Right now, my confidence has been restored.

Gupta P. A