You sweat puddles every day. It is an embarrassing feeling. You have tried numerous remedies for sweat and odour-control. It was all a waste of money on failed counter measures. You feel helpless. If you can relate to this, then you are at the right place. Sweating is a direct enemy for your clothes. On the other hand, your clothes can function as agents of sweat-control. This blog details the sweat-blocking materials that you can search for when you purchase your clothes.

Instead of trying out sweat-proof clothes without any results, read ahead and get the right counter measures.


Kinds of Sweat-Blocking Materials

The functioning of sweat-blocking materials is simple. When a fabric becomes wet, there is either repulsion or absorption. In the case of sweat-blocking fabrics, the latter takes place. This is how they can easily control excessive sweating.

There is a great variety available when it comes to sweat-blocking materials. In order to make the right purchase, you have to familiarize yourself with the different types. This way, you can spend your money more like an investment rather than a waste expenditure.  This blog broadly divides the different kinds of clothing into natural and synthetic, analysing the former as sweat-blocking materials and the latter as water-resistant ones.



Natural Fibres

As the name indicates, these are the fabrics that are obtained naturally. All natural clothing is skin-friendly. These fabrics can greatly help in reducing your sweat release.



With its superb breathability, cotton offers high levels of dryness. As a natural product, cotton works as one of the best sweat-blocking materials. It allows airflow and absorbs maximum sweat. You will forget about any underarm dampness when you don a cotton shirt. A problem with cotton clothing, however, is that its moisture-absorbent tendency causes sweat stains. You have to make sure that you buy a quality cotton product to avoid yellow marks.



Along with its high quality, bamboo has an amazing softness to offer. It is sweat-absorbent and brilliantly breathable. Its hygienic quality is another pro. As one of the natural sweat-blocking materials, bamboo provides you with dryness all day. Additionally, it will not wear out even after you wash it hundreds of times.



A lightweight fabric with great breathability, linen is a good clothing option for sweat-control. Linen clothes do not stick to your body, therefore, allowing you to feel cool. However, this fabric wrinkles very easily. It is, thus, not suitable for everyday use.



Synthetic Fibres

The second category of clothing is that of synthetic fibres. These are fabrics manufactured with the processing of natural items. They do not function as sweat-blocking materials.



With its water-resistant tendencies, polyester does not absorb any moisture. The fabric only lets the sweat flow through your underarms. These lead to wetness on your clothing as well. This fabric works exactly opposite to the sweat-blocking materials.



Rayon is known for repelling sweat. It does not absorb water. It is a lightweight fabric without any tendency for sweat-control or blockage.


Cotton-Lycra Blend

When cotton combines with lycra, the resultant fabric is not sweatproof. Those who sweat excessively cannot wear clothes of this material due to their tendencies for increasing perspiration.


Natural vs Synthetic

The choice of the clothing material depends upon the situation you need the clothes for. Here are some common categories of situations with details about which material to choose.


Professional or Casual Occasions

It is important to look sharp and neat in a professional setting. Armpit wetness, on the contrary, will be embarrassing. You have to wear a sweatproof undershirt to ensure that you look your best. Choose NGwear’s 100% cotton anti-sweat undershirt to look confident in any workplace situation.  At the same time, you should prefer natural fabrics with sweat-blocking materials for casual occasions. Bamboo is a good option for fit shirts to suit your look.




When you hit the gym, you invite a good load of sweat. You can choose any of the two materials for your gymming outfit. The synthetic clothes keep the sweat off your body, in so doing, allowing your body to stay cool. The natural fabrics absorb all sweat and control body odour. In case you are concerned with body temperature, choose the former. In case you wish to steer clear of odour, choose the latter.


Prevent Yellowing

There is an awkward consequence of sweating: yellow sweat marks. If you are looking to get rid of these stains, wear NGwear’s sweatproof undershirt. It absorbs sweat and controls the process of yellowing in your clothes. With this quality fabric, you can keep all your worries about sweat marks at the bay.

If you are looking to purchase clothes that avoid keep the sweat away, choose wisely. The above-mentioned tips will make your decision easier. Here are some more measures to keep your clothes fresh.