Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down and getting rid of toxins. Sweating at places like the gym or a sauna is good. However, if you are sweating on a date or at a workplace, you might want to look into it. Our daily life routines are full of adrenaline rushes, deadlines, crampy public transports, and stressful environments. Sweating under such circumstances is entirely natural. However, there are a few efficient ways for you to stay cool and sweat free no matter what you are going through. One such efficient method is to wear an undershirt. Behind every fine looking shirt, there is an undershirt. But some folks happen to sweat through their undershirts too! If you are facing such an issue, you are in the right place. Here are some reasons why you are sweating through your undershirt and how to avoid them.


1. Wearing the wrong size

You are probably wearing an undershirt which is either too loose or too tight for you. Wearing a very tight undershirt makes it easier for the sweat to seep through and get to your shirt easily. A loose one is barely effective because it is of no help. Try to purchase undershirts which fit you right.


2. Improper handling of the undershirt

Undershirts need to be taken care of properly. They just can’t be tossed into the washing machine and back on like casual T-shirts. Improper handling may prevent your undershirt from keeping you sweat free. When wearing your undershirt before it is completely dry after washing, it will not hold much sweat. Similarly, dry cleaning and ironing your undershirts will also cause harm. Direct contact with chemicals and heat which are intense can damage the sweat proof mechanism. You should handle your undershirt properly for effective performance. Here are some simple steps to take better care of your undershirt, – Always machine-wash your undershirt in cold or warm water. – Do not dry clean your undershirts – Avoid ironing your undershirts – Do not use bleach on your undershirts.


 3. Scrutinize your diet

A lot of physical problems can be fixed easily by monitoring what you eat. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” closely watch what type of food you are eating. A lot of foods which you consume daily might have sweat triggers which will make you look like a walking puddle. Binging on things like alcohol, spicy food, coffee, and other warming foods can raise your body temperature. Hence, it will make you sweat in excess. If you can’t cut down on your diet too much, make sure you cool your body by taking adequate measures. Drink plenty of water and consume foods which keep your body fresh. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool. Try not to aggravate your body’s temperature by consuming foods which warm you up too much.


4. Seek for medical aid

If you are sweating too much, it could be a sign of diaphoresis and hyperhidrosis. If you are unaware of these two conditions, read on to know more.

  • Diaphoresis

It is the term used to describe an abnormal and excessive amount of sweat produced concerning your environment and day to day activities. It is usually a symptom for some underlying health condition. Diaphoresis can be caused by the intake of certain medication as well. There are many conditions as to why it is caused. You should consult a doctor to check what might be your causative agent.

  • Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is also related to excessive sweating, but it’s listed as a nervous system disorder. In this, sweating is generally limited just to the hands or feet. This condition arises when the thyroid gland is overactive and produces thyroxine in excess. You may also experience – trembling hands, sleeping difficulties, loss of weight, anxiety, and nervousness. Though it is not a medical emergency, it is better you consult a doctor and get necessary aid to keep the situation under control.


5. Use antiperspirants instead of deodorants

Deodorants do not prevent sweat. This is a widespread misconception. Deodorants are only aimed at masking the foul smell caused by sweat. However, antiperspirants work by blocking the ducts which secrete sweat. The sweat is still produced by the glands, but they are barred from reaching the surface by the Antiperspirants. Certain antiperspirants contain deodorants too. In that case, you can block sweat and smell nice. To get the best results, apply antiperspirants on clean and dry underarms.


  6. Purchase effective undershirts.

There is a good chance that the undershirt you are sporting is defective. Many brands claim to keep you sweat free and fresh looking always. But they are not as effective as they claim to be. Try using NG wear. It is India’s first sweat proof undershirt. The undershirts have four layers which deliver the best amount of comfort and dryness. The undershirts combined with spandex give a good fit and also come with antiperspirants. Following the above listed will surely help you be sweat stain free. Stay fresh!