If you are reading this article then you probably know there is nothing worse than knowing that you smell and the fact that you have to survive through the embarrassment of anyone spotting it. Body odor can be a big-time killer of your overall confidence. You might be opting for heavy duty perfumes, deodorants, or any antiperspirants to deal with your body odor but still, you can get a hint of that disgusting smell. There are a lot of causes that lead to a bad body odor. And in order to get rid of that smell, you need to understand the primary causes of it. Read along to find out the main causes of body odor which might give you a little perspective on dealing with it.


Why does our body produce body odor?

You might be surprised to know that your sweat actually does not smell. The sweat that your body produces is pretty much odorless, be it at the gym or with you stressing and sweating during a presentation. The body odor arises when the components of the sweat like proteins and lipids combine with bacteria present on your skin. But the good news is, there are some steps that you can take to control the bad odor. You could even opt for anti-sweat undershirts to help keep the sweat and bad odor away.


Control your body odor:

To eliminate the causes of body odor, you need to start exercising some good habits.

Remember to shower:

You might have great excuses to just skip having a shower, you might be running late to have it. But if you want to get rid of that body odor, then make sure that you shower at least once a day to keep those bacteria at bay which cause your body to stink.



Your body odor can be controlled by your diet as well. Because what you eat essentially processes out of your digestive system and then through your skin pores. And the way that your body breaks down those nutrients can be a driving factor for your body odor. In order to avoid getting a stinky body odor, you might want to avoid certain foods. Be prepared to stay away from spicy goods, food items like curry can result in a strong and bad odor which adds to the foul smell. Avoid eating snacks which have refined sugar as it can cause yeast to grow fast and this, in turn, converts into alcohol to leave a bad smell. Vegetables rich in sulfur like broccoli and cabbage can also add to the stinky smell so it’s better that you stay away from it if you don’t want to smell foul.


High levels of stress:

When you are under stress, your sweat tends to smell even worse than usual. The sweat is more pungent when you are under pressure and this is because, when you are under stress, your body produces sweat from a different gland than usual kind of sweat that results from exercise or in case of temperature changes. When you are stressed, there is a gland called the apocrine gland that results to secrete an odorless white and milky fluid. This consists of water, fats, and proteins and when these elements combine with the bacteria on your skin, then make a really foul smell. Yoga and meditation are great ways to deal with stress which can help you to avoid the bad body odor.


Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine:

Caffeine and Alcohol can result in causing you to smell bad. Caffeine contains stimulants which could cause foul odor and the adrenaline rush from it causes your body to stress and sweat profusely. Most of the caffeinated drinks are served hot and this accelerates your body to release even more sweat.


Decrease the use of Antiperspirants:

Even though antiperspirants are used widely to cover the body odor, but research has found an active ingredient; Aluminum which kills the good bacteria present in your body and hence increases the number of odor-producing bacteria on the skin which results in a bad smell.

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