Need for Undershirt Care

An undershirt is a very important garment. It helps to add an extra layer of protection which especially comes in handy if you sweat excessively. For people in business, you can appreciate that these undershirts give you wearable confidence since sweaty pit stains are not ideal. They do not inspire trust or confidence and make you look like a nervous wreck. Our undershirt is the best in the market, ensuring that sweat does not get to your outer garments. This is why you need to take good care of these undershirts.



To wash your undershirt, it is advisable to turn it inside out first. Use cold water and put the machine on a low cycle. The micro modal fabric needs to be protected from harsh temperatures. Additionally, you need to use your regular detergent and stain remover. It is best to steer clear of bleach and extremely high temperatures. The downside of not following these guidelines is that you end up with a faded undershirt that is less white and more of grey. When undershirts are being manufactured, the process starts with raw textile which is often grey. It is then turned white by an optical brightener. If you subject the fabric to harsh conditions, it will revert to its original color.



In order to safely dry an undershirt, you should hang dry it. If possible, use a flat drying rack so you can spread out the undershirt as opposed to vertically hanging it. The latter encourages stretching. You also have the option of using a drier at low heat as it will not damage the material. However, it is common knowledge that driers tend to lead to shrinkage. It would therefore be best to avoid the drier altogether.



The good thing about undershirts is that you do not wear them in a way that they can be seen. Creasing is therefore not as serious as if it was an outer garment such as a dress shirt or an undershirt. However, you might be tempted to iron it to get it straight and crisp but this is not a good idea. Avoid ironing this undershirt because it could damage the waterproof layer.


Undershirt care is as important as any other garment care. The function of the undershirt is also too important to be taken lightly. You want to get value for your money and enjoy the shirt as long as you can before replacing it. Primary care will go a long way as you get to avoid thinking about how to re-whiten your undershirts.