There are a lot of reasons behind sweating. You might see people sweating like they are going to fill a bucket in seconds! However, some might not even drip a single drop of sweat. The reason behind this depends on a number of factors. It is not really complicated to understand any of that. Read along the article to understand the various reasons behind such situations. It will also help you in making some better choices so that you sweat less on important days.


Why Do You Sweat?

This is indeed one of the most common questions people come up with. Sweating is an absolutely normal function by the body. It is a natural way adopted by the body to keep it cool. During extremely hot summer days, the sweat glands in our body release perspiration. When this perspiration meets with the air outside, it starts evaporating. This evaporation takes away some heat of the body and helps to feel a little cooler. So, the body temperature does not reach a dangerously high temperature. There is a very interesting reason behind people sweating in an entirely different way than others. However, sweating is absolutely normal, and you should not worry much about excessively sweating. It is a natural process.


Excessive Sweating

Let us assume a scenario of two people of the same height, weight. They are standing in the same clothing, in the same room temperature. One of the men starts sweating as the temperature rises a bit, while the other doesn’t. When the temperature keeps rising, the man sweating earlier is now all drenched in sweat. On the other hand, the second one is still slightly sweaty. Now, we can certainly conclude that sweating depends on the activity of a person’s sweat gland. Sweat glands are very much active in some people, while relatively less active in some. Some people’s sweat glands release more perspirations than that of other people’s sweat gland.


Hormones and Sweating

Hormones and sweating have a very close connection. Many of us are unaware of the fact that our hormones are a major factor behind the activity of sweat glands. It has been observed that men sweat more than women. It happens because a man’s body releases perspiration far more than a woman’s body. Another example for a similar situation could be menopause and post-menopause situation. Women often experience night sweating post menopause while men of the same age do not experience any of that.


Stress and Nervousness

Stress sweating is a very common problem. Almost all of us have gone through this more than once in our lifetime. We often sweat a lot while we stress. Stress, anxiety, nervousness are some of the important factors behind excessive sweating. Our body has more than 2 million sweat glands. Most of them become active when we start stressing about something. Taking stress won’t really solve any of your problems. It will only make you look unprofessional and untidy. So, next time you start stressing about anything. Just take a walk in the open and try to stay as calm as possible.


Choice of Cloth

You might not be paying a lot of attention to this lately. But, trust me clothing is a significant reason behind excessively sweating. Your clothes do have a positive as well as negative impact on your sweat glands. It is often observed that heat absorbing colors like black will make you sweat more than usual. So, it is highly advised to wear such clothes in the hot months of the year. You must wear clothes that are light weight and do not absorb a lot of heat. Light, pastel shades like light blue, baby pink, pastel colors, etc., are great for summers.


Food Habits

Your food habits can also be a great reason behind excessive sweating. There are certain foods that you must avoid to get rid of the issue of excessive sweating. Spicy foods are at the top of the list!. Spicy food makes you feel too hot on the inside. As a result of which our sweat glands become active. It makes you sweat more than usual because of the high rate of release of perspiration from the sweat glands. So, you should try to avoid chilies when you are attending some important meeting.

You cannot do much about sweating but, you can certainly hide sweat patches. Undershirts are a great option if you do not want your sweat to show up on your apparel.